“Despite the endless claims that the iPhone 7 is a minor update compared to previous models, the reviews clearly indicate that it’s a whole lot more significant in many ways,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.

“The competition is touting higher resolution displays on their high-end models. That’s supposed to be an advantage. But all iPhones feature Retina displays, meaning that, at a normal viewing distance, you cannot see the individual pixels that make up the image,” Steinberg writes. “Specifically, it’s 326ppi, or 1334×750, on the iPhone 7, and 401ppi, or 1920×1080, on the iPhone 7 Plus. The latter doesn’t provide any visual advantage whatever, nor do even higher resolutions on Samsung’s and other handsets. If you can’t see the difference, what’s the point?”

“According to a DisplayMate report, the iPhone 7’s Wide Color displays are regarded as the best of the breed, with very high contrast radios, low reflectance, and amazing color accuracy in for both normal and Wide Color content,” Steinberg writes. “The camera improvements seem to be mostly garnering good press. Reviewers describe noticeable improvements compared to previous iPhones and competitors… I’m not considering processor enhancements, improved LTE performance and other changes. The long and short of it is, compared to previous iPhones, this one appears to be a pretty major upgrade.”

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