Apple TV tvOS simulator hacked to run in super-sharp 4K

“Developer and Apple sleuth Steve Troughton-Smith has managed to get Apple’s tvOS Simulator to run in 4K, the same screen resolution that’s been rumored for an upcoming fifth-generation Apple TV,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“4K resolution is twice the standard HD resolution,” Dormehl reports. “Based on what Troughton-Smith has shared, tvOS appears to work fine in 3840 x 2160 resolution, with text, icons, and more scaling effectively to 4K.”

Dormehl reports, “Steve Troughton-Smith’s 4K report comes one day after code from Apple’s accidental HomePod smart speaker revealed that 4K support is on the way, and that the new Apple TV will support two of the biggest formats for super high def video.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The 4K Apple TV can’t happen soon enough!

We’re planning on using new 4K-capable Apple TV 5 units for our PlayStation Vue and Amazon Prime subscriptions, among others!

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            2. Great points. I think back to a road trip I made to WI, then to Troy, NY then back to San Diego. Suddenly coming into Denver, there was a whiteout situation which lasted most of the way to the Rockies. I guess you would have to drive yourself.

  1. MDN: “The 4K Apple TV can’t happen soon enough!”

    While I agree, Thurrott had an interesting comment:
    “What’s interesting about Apple TV today, even with its 1080p limitations, is that the picture quality often surpasses that of other, 4K-based services on my 55-inch 4K/UHD/HDR Samsung Smart TV. And this is a phenomenon that everyone in my family, including my kids with their young eyes, agree on: For whatever reason, the interface and the content usually look better on Apple TV than elsewhere.”

    1. It comes down to how the original content was encoded and what compression method was used during transfer, which might auto-adjust given certain bandwidth limitations, a la Netflix.

      I live on the outskirts town with no landline or cable options for internet service. My sole choice is a local radio transmitter of dubious reliability and with bandwidth constraints. In other words, I’ve got a shitty internet connection.

      Netflix is constantly adjusting the resolution of the image so that it can continue streaming even with degraded bandwidth. But I am unable stream movies from Apple. It takes 8-10 hours to download a movie from iTunes so I can watch it.

      Two possible reasons for this and I haven’t determined which one it is. 1) Apple does not have a local server farm in my area and does not pay the ISPs for for greater bandwidth usage while Netflix does. 2) AppleTV will not adjust the resolution when streaming because Apple self imposes quality controls on its content. This may explain why Apple’s 1080 content may appear to be of better quality than 4K streamed content.

    1. Every display has a ‘resolution’ of pixels per inch (or centimeter for those living outside the arcane USA). The ‘Ideal Viewing Distance’ is the diagonal length of the display. You then judge the resolution detection of the human eye versus the display resolution at that distance. If you can’t see the added pixels, your eye doesn’t know they’re there.

      And yes! The resolution of the source media dictates the resolution portrayed on the display!

      As professed earlier this week, what I like about 4K displays is not the unnecessary increased resolution (unless you live in a movie theatre). It’s the improved color, contrast and frame rate. And again all of these attributes may be limited by the source media.

  2. You see the real benefits of UHD as you get closer to the screen. At a certain distance, it all looks the same..but with UHD TVs, you can get real close and it still looks great.

    Agree with the statement above above ATV content looking better by default. My TV has Amazon built in..not only is the interface crap, 4K content is not impressive enough (I honestly can’t see a difference) for me to deal with the interface. Can’t wait for the Amazon app on the ATV!! That is a game changer for me! Finally!

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