iPhone 8 X-ray confirms more of its hottest features

“Thanks to secrets discovered in Apple’s own firmware, we already know a lot about the iPhone 8,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “Now an apparent X-ray of the device has all but confirmed even more of its hottest features ahead of its official debut this fall.”

“The HomePod firmware Apple released to developers late last month has revealed all kinds of juicy details about the iPhone 8,” Bell reports. “We now know the device will offer a ‘SmartCamera’ feature, facial recognition, and tap to wake functionality. We even know what it will look like.”

“But there’s plenty yet to discover,” Bell reports. “X-ray images of the device, published on Twitter by reliable tipster Benjamin Geskin, have all but confirmed more significant changes: wireless charging, dual rear-facing cameras, and an L-shaped battery.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A little birdie tells us it’s not going to be called “iPhone 8.”

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  1. Apple should forget the secrecy aspect, just make the iPhone design process from conception to production to reveal a daily reality show. People can vote, heated meetings can be live streamed, Tim can give his famous deadpan to dumb suggestions. It’d be ratings gold, and far more interesting than hearing all these leaks from no name bottom feeding leeches.

    1. Those leeches would still show up because they’re so damn desperate for attention. If there’s one thing that’s becoming unbearable on the internet and that’s product leaks. Most of the people I know don’t give a damn about some product that isn’t available. Imagine daily leaks about a new Oreo cookie. I can’t imagine the lives of people who are actually interested in these daily leaks when most of the leaks are likely wrong.

      People constantly make a jest of Apple’s iPhone for having dwindling market share percentage but just one iPhone seems to be getting more attention than a dozen of Android flagship smartphones.

      1. There is a point where Apple either has to make dramatic changes or recognize that it’s impossible to get a handle on the millions of people involved in their supply chain. Apple’s “famous secrecy” is becoming a joke,

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