Foxconn considering a second Wisconsin facility

“Asian electronics giant Foxconn is considering investing at a second site in Wisconsin — this one in Dane County, according to a half dozen knowledgeable sources,” Jason Stein reports for The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“The investment in Dane County could come in a separate business from the massive flat screen television plant that Foxconn Technology Group has already committed to building in southeastern Wisconsin,” Stein reports. “No offers have yet been made by the Taiwanese company and there are no guarantees any will be. ‘That’ll probably clear up in the next 45 days,’ said one source familiar with the potential project.”

Stein reports, “So far, a clear goal has not emerged for the potential facility, but sources gave several possibilities, including a research and development site; an operation connected with medical imaging; and a business related to wearable devices that could track a consumer’s vital statistics.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch Smartbands. Designed in California. Assembled in Wisconsin. 😉

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  1. Here, let me write your comments for you socialists, “dumb stupid agent orange orange idiot freak fool not my President gurgle drool dufus racist homophobe misogynistic racist creep racist ignorant.”

    Did I cover all of your thoughts on the matter?

    1. No
      But will it cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin another $3 Billion?
      A sweet deal to be given $3 Billion to hire a few Cheeseheads.

      And by the way, FoxConn has not said what will be built at that plant. FoxConn builds lots of stuff including for Microsoft. They could end up selling X-Box designed by Microsoft, assembled in Wisconsin, USA.

      Since Trump loves his Samsung Galaxy so much, maybe he can land a Samdung factory for TrumpLand. Yes Botty, he uses an Android phone. He tweets come from Twitter for Android – his staff’s tweets for him come from an iPhone issued at taxpayer expense.

        1. Reagan ripped the quote from Mark Twain and it was not about liberals and I am not a liberal.
          You going to see Apple Board Member Al Gore’s new film Friday? Remember, he was invited personally by Steven Paul Jobs- founder of Apple.
          I got to meet Reagan at the Normandy Anniversary when I was in the Army ( I was a photographer for the Army back in the 1980s). He was a nice man who followed his staff’s instructions and remembered his lines well.
          I got to meet quite a few veterans of the battle that day. Reagan was the least important person there. The soldiers who assaulted Omaha and Utah Beach and the Rangers of Point du Hoc were the stars that day.

        2. Ronnie voted for FDR. The only reason he changed parties, like Trump, is because it was easier to be a spokesperson for corporations than it is to lead positive change for the people.

          1. Presidents Reagan and Trump fight for the average American and both are people populists. If you watched the West Virginia rally last night, I did not see a president acting as a spokesperson for corporations. I saw a president leading positive change for the people. You must be watching the SYFY channel …

            1. People should count evenly, but states? Only in the Senate. Does Texas count the same as Rhode Island? Should it? California vs. Wyoming. Should a state of 40 million residents count the same as a state with half a million??

            2. Okay then . . . should Wyoming then contribute as much $$ to the Federal government as California? If we’re going to treat all the states as if they’re the same, then we ought to expect equal contributions, yes?

              (Let me guess: you don’t agree with that, right?)

  2. Wisconsin made a TERRIBLE deal to put a Foxconn factory in Paul Ryan’s district.

    The $3 billion isn’t in tax breaks, it’s in DIRECT CASH PAYMENTS to Foxconn ($200 million a year for 15 years). Assuming they hire 3,000 workers, that works out to roughly $65,000 per worker.

    Wisconsin would have been far better off paying to work on the state’s infrastructure rather than pad Foxconn’s bottom line.

            1. But heavily subsidized by Cali taxpayers, so the lights can stay on. First drive excursion, I purchased stock in Pepsi, Coke and Dr Pepper when I got home.

            2. States like Cali subsidize over 40% of Appalachian and southern states annual budget with revenue sharing dollars like the NFL/MLB does with their teams.

              Cali is from broke. Cali is the goldstar, like MN.

      1. I guess his new party didn’t get the memo.

        You can’t make this up.

        Prior “Jim’s Promises” Broken Include:
        Not Paying His Taxes, Raising Our Taxes, Not Taking Salary As Gov.

        HURRICANE, W.Va. — Today, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice will start his Broken Promises Tour in Putnam County, promoting his “Jim’s Promise Program” and the road bond scheme hatched for an October 7th Special Election.

        After lying about not raising taxes and refusing to pay millions of his own bills, Justice now will ask the people for billions of dollars to spend. He claims it will create jobs. Jim Justice claims a lot of things.

        “Here we go again. This Governor is going to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars advertising his dishonest Promise, and more than $2 million for this bond election,” said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. “He gives us no details. He insults taxpayers at every turn. And he still won’t come clean and explain why a supposed billionaire won’t pay millions in taxes owed by his various companies. We can’t trust Jim Justice.”

        Justice will visit Putnam County and Harrison County today, trying to fool voters into giving him a blank check to build new roads, all of which he claims to want to toll. Sounds terrible.

        “Justice wants to raise taxes, raise tolls, and put new tolls on every road he can while he is Governor,” said Lucas. “It’s our job to make sure he can’t do anything else to damage this state until we can get a conservative into the Governor’s Mansion where he refuses to live.”


        Paid for by the WV Republican Party,
        PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301
        Not authorized by any candidate or their committee.

        1. FLASHBACK: Justice Promised Boy Scouts $25 Million, Hasn’t Paid
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          Now Tries To Use Tax $$ To Make Up For It

          CHARLESTON, W.Va. — After deadbeat Governor Jim Justice announced today he was spending $400,000 in taxpayer funds to help the Boy Scout Jamboree, it seemed like the right time to remind folks that Justice himself still owes the Scouts millions.

          It was reported last year that Justice has refused to make good on his promise of a $25 million donation to the Boy Scouts in 2011. Those news reports stated that Justice still owed $20 million of that pledge. Now? He’s trying to make up for it by giving away our tax dollars.

          “Jim Justice has made a strong policy of lying to pretty much everybody. Voters, folks he does business with, charities, and especially the Boy Scouts,” said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. “He promised them $25 million six years ago and hasn’t even paid 20 cents on the dollar it appears.”

          In addition to the Boy Scouts, Justice was also reported last year as paying zero of a $10 million pledge to the Cleveland Clinic.

          “He won’t pay taxes. He won’t pay small businesses who service The Greenbrier and his coal mines. And he won’t even pay charities that he promised millions,” said Lucas. “Jim Justice truly has no shame.”

  3. HOPPY SAYS: “Justice Company Debts Damage Governor’s Credibility.”
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    Unpaid Taxes, Fines & Debts Still In The Millions

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — This morning, West Virginia’s top statewide news host Hoppy Kercheval wrote his column on Governor Justice’s deteriorating relationship with tax collectors, courts, the voting public and the truth.

    It was reported last week that Justice had new debts just since last October totalling more than $1.5 million in fresh tax liens for his businesses in Kanawha County, and was hit with a $1.24 million bill for contempt of Federal Court and failing to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in coal mining equipment from a small business.

    The ‘money’ quote today from Hoppy Kercheval of MetroNews?

    “How can he ask West Virginians to pay additional taxes or criticize the Legislature for not putting more money toward drug treatment when his companies have outstanding tax liabilities?”

    You can read Hoppy’s entire column at this link or at

    We encourage citizens to call Governor Justice’s office at 304-558-2000 and ask for the Governor to immediately pay the millions owed to our state, county and even Federal government.


    Paid for by the WV Republican Party,
    PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301
    Not authorized by any candidate or their committee.

  4. Gov. Justice Refuses To Pay Taxes
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    $1.5 Million In New Liens In Kanawha Co. Since October

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — You just can’t trust Jim Justice. That’s clear again after another report today of more than $1.5 million in new tax liens against his companies in Kanawha County.

    The Charleston Gazette-Mail today reports four new liens for unpaid taxes in 2016 and 2017 of nearly a million dollars, and another $600,000+ in new ones entered just before last fall’s General Election.

    That’s more than $1.5 million owed, just in Kanawha County, that’s been added to his companies’ tabs since national media seized on the story last October.

    “Jim Justice continues to avoid his taxes while trying to raise ours,” said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. “One or two liens can happen, even to well-run and honest businesses. But the preponderance of hundreds of liens and judgments, for millions of dollars against Justice and his companies is unlikely any kind of accident.”

    Justice still owns TAMS Management, the company cited again today for unpaid taxes and mine reclamation costs in Kanawha County. He has not yet put his coal and agricultural companies into a blind trust.

    This follows yesterday’s new report of another Justice company losing a court appeal for $1.23 million for failing to pay for mining equipment and large fines for Contempt of Federal Court.

    “Jim Justice embarrasses our state every single day,” said Lucas.
    Please call Governor Justice at 304-558-2000 and ask why he refuses to pay taxes to support West Virginia schools and counties.


    Paid for by the WV Republican Party,
    PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301
    Not authorized by any candidate or their committee.

  5. How did this guy get elected as a dem?

    SHOCK! W.Va. Gov. Insults Handicapped Accessible Restrooms
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    Embarrassing Justice Tells State Senate To Defy ADA, Deny Access

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Today, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice attacked the West Virginia Senate for spending $800,000 to make public bathrooms at our State Capitol more accessible to our disabled and mobility-impaired citizens. That’s just wrong.

    In a scathing press release, Justice spoke about “gold-plated toilets”, when a simple walk up one flight of stairs to the West Wing of the Capitol would have shown him inaccessible public bathrooms (pictured above) which have not changed since the 1930s. That’s insulting to our state and to the aged, veterans and disabled who will be assisted by these updates.

    “Jim Justice never ceases to embarrass the state. Today is no different,” said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. “We do our best to keep our public facilities up to the standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and will spend the funds necessary to make our Capitol accessible to all. It is depressing to use these public facilities and see other valued citizens often unable to use them owing to lack of a handrail or space to turn a wheelchair. This is just another attack on the dignity of this state by an absentee Governor.”

    Speaking earlier today to West Virginia Metronews, State Senate President Mitch Carmichael wondered aloud about the Governor’s faculties and criticism of ADA public bathroom upgrades ordered and planned in 2009.

    “Here’s a governor who had the indignity and the disrespect to bring cow feces into the State Capitol and unveil it, and now he’s going to criticize the state Senate for upgrading the restroom facilities that are now almost 85 years old. These public restroom facilities are non-ADA compliant.”


    Paid for by the WV Republican Party,
    PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301
    Not authorized by any candidate or their committ

  6. Justice Caught Trying To Take $500,000 For His Greenbrier Golf Tournament
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    Forced To Drop Unethical Request For Tax Dollars

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Liberal Governor Jim Justice was caught this week, trying to take a half-million taxpayer dollars out of the State Treasury to put into the coffers of his Greenbrier Classic PGA Golf Tournament.

    Luckily, thanks to Republican protests and a watchful media, last night the Governor backed off of the move to pocket more money from citizens.

    “It was a bold strategy to try to tell the Ethics Commission to look the other way while the Governor tried to order $500,000 directly into the pocket of The Greenbrier and his ritzy golf tournament,” said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas.

    “The blatant self-dealing is really a new facet in what we’ve seen from Justice. He’s lied about tax increases. He’s lied about not paying millions in business taxes and fines to the Federal government and our counties. He even lied about not taking a salary, even though he collects more than $11,000 every month from West Virginia taxpayers.

    But putting taxpayer dollars directly into his company or golf tournament is pretty remarkable even for him.”
    The Governor’s Commerce Department put out a press release (below) late Thursday night, backing off the golf sponsorship, after a shaming article in the Charleston Gazette. It said the plan required a special emergency waiver from the Ethics Commission next week to even be considered, and would violate current state law.

    “That’s just how this Governor operates. He wanted to change the rules to slip a half-million dollars into that golf tournament at his resort hotel and casino,” said Lucas.

    “It’s amazing all the good things this state could do with that $500,000. You could send 105 West Virginia students to college next with full Promise Scholarships for the year with that $500,000. We’ll take those aspiring students every time over subsidizing a billionaire’s golf course and resort.”


    Paid for by the WV Republican Party,
    PO Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25301
    Not authorized by any candidate or their committee.

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