There are two sides to Apple’s China story

“Apple Inc.’s decision to remove VPN apps in China is selling out,” Tim Culpan writes for Bloomberg Gadfly. “Apple Inc.’s decision to remove VPN apps in China is pragmatic.”

“By removing the means by which users skirt the Great Firewall, Apple is actually ‘aiding China’s censorship efforts,’ because it is doing some of the hard work for the government,” Culpan writes. “By removing the means by which users skirt the great firewall, Apple is not really ‘aiding China’s censorship efforts,’ but merely following the law by halting access to unlicensed apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, there are two sides to this story, but, regardless, it’s still a bad look for Apple overall.

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  1. There is no “two sides” for aiding and abetting government censorship for a nation of 1.381 billion: Pipeline “Big Brother” Cook…disgusting.

  2. Actually it’s like one side. Apple is a global country, they will sell stuff to countries like China that are trying to censor internet access and they will sell to countries like Apple’s home country who betray humanity.

    Fortunately Apple also sells their products to those from the free and civilized world.

    1. “… they will sell to countries like Apple’s home country who betray humanity.”

      You never tire of pumping out your sad bullshit, do you Nancy.

      1. Oh I’m more than willing to stop pointing out that the nation has betrayed humanity as soon at that nation stops.
        Meanwhile the Guantanamo on the Bay resort is still open, the search for that weapons of mass destruction program is still on, with the body count of innocents getting higher every day.

        I’d rather be pumping out bullshit than pumping out the hatred that comes out of that country.

            1. I have a total disdain for most politicians most times but I am aware that there will be forces who rise to the task of defending humanity when great evil roams the planet as has been the case for the last decades.

              Now President Emmanuel Macron is leader of one of the world superpowers that you now know as Freedom. It used to be called France but you renamed it Freedom because France opposed the invasion of Iraq and your nation no longer sees any need for freedom as you have embraced the total disregard for the sovereignty of other nations, torture, alternative facts to name a few.

              Now of all the superpowers, i.e. the permanent members of the UN security council (Freedom, Russia, China, the UK, and your nation of course) Freedom is the one that comes closest not only to humanitarian values of the free and civilized world but they actually follow the Human Rights Declaration pretty well. No one is perfect but hey, they don’t torture.

              That makes them a prime target and a threat to the chump who is definitely looking for a fight, hopefully a nuclear one.

              President Emmanuel Macron pulled some great stunts to set the chump’s sights elsewhere, the handshake, which the people of your country gobbled up and the invitation to the Bastille Day celebrations. Those few events pretty well guarantees that while your nation will insult Freedom the way your nation insults everyone it probably will not be invaded, so that gives me a thumbs up.

              What I really like about President Emmanuel Macron is that his centrist approach takes ideas from the left and the right. I know that’s a concept that is beyond the psyche of your nation, that both sides have good ideas, but it’s a valid one that perhaps your nation might see if you ever stop devolving, but I won’t hold my breath.

              He’s a politician so I don’t give him that much credit but he’s been shrewd so far and has done a lot to prevent his nation from being invaded or nuked by your country so it’s a great step forward for Freedom.

  3. Yes… it’s only coincidentally that stopping the sale of “unlicensed” apps aids the Chinese government in it’s effort to control it’s citizens lives.

    1. It’s not coincidental. Censorship is the whole point, and the Chinese Government would admit it. The question is whether Apple can defy Chinese law while continuing to operate within China. I think not.

      If not, then the choice is between pulling the VPN apps and shutting down all of Apple’s production lines for the two or more years it would take to replace them in another country. Are those of you who own Apple stock willing to see it become worthless to defend a principle? If so, I commend you for your courage.

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