Apple earnings: For how long will iPhone sales be on ‘pause’?

“Apple Inc. is expected to show off its most elaborate and expensive iPhone yet in a couple of months, but those expectations are not helping iPhone sales right now,” Jeremy C. Owens writes for MarketWatch.

“Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook in May noted a ‘pause’ in iPhone sales, blaming reports about a superpremium tenth-anniversary iPhone costing $1,000 or more that have arrived nonstop for months,” Owens writes. “That did nothing to stop the flood of reports on the new iPhone, which now suggest the pause could last into a new fiscal year.”

“Financial analysts believe, based on media reports and their own sourcing, that the more expensive model could take longer to make it to consumers in mass quantities due to production challenges with the OLED screen and fingerprint reader,” Owens writes. “Many have already shifted sales into the next fiscal year in their forecasts, as they expect Apple will not be able to supply the demand for its $1,000 smartphones until after the fiscal year ends with the close of September.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Apple can launch with decent quantities of their flagship OLED iPhone at launch, but, with history as our guide, we wouldn’t bet on it.

Good luck on pre-order night, everyone!


  1. I’ve never understood why analysts have an irresistible desire to speculate about how iPhone sales are doing just a matter of hours before Apple releases their actual sales numbers.

    It’s not as though the analysts have any sort of reputation for publishing guesses which turn out to be accurate and in many cases, they were very wide of the mark.

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