Putin bans VPNs to stop Russians accessing prohibited websites

“President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that prohibits technology that provides access to websites banned in Russia, the government’s website showed on Sunday,” Reuters reports.

“The law, already approved by the Duma, the lower house of parliament, will ban the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and other technologies, known as anonymizers, that allow people to surf the web anonymously,” Reuters reports. “It comes into force on Nov. 1.”

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“Leonid Levin, the head of Duma’s information policy committee, has said the law is not intended to impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens but is meant only to block access to ‘unlawful content,’ RIA news agency said,” ZDnet reports.

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MacDailyNews Take:

The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it. — John Perry Barlow

FYI, as we’re located in the U.S., we use TunnelBear’s VPN service for our Macs, iPhones, and iPads (especially while using public Wi-Fi) which lets you choose from servers located around the world in 20+ countries. TunnelBear offers unlimited data for less than $4.17/month. Importantly, TunnelBear explicitly states, “No logging. TunnelBear does NOT log any activity of users connected to our service. Period.”

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      1. No? You only pointed out that defying the totalitarian scum in China could lead to persecution and death. DUH. The effect of what you said was to suggest people roll over and play dead when the totalitarians come to town. Are you off your lithium again? Sheesh.

  1. Pipeline Timmy has been advocating censorship worldwide since his infamous London comments where he implores governments and tech firms to “crackdown” on what he determines is “fake news.” “It must be ingrained in the schools!” notes Benito Cook.

    You don’t have to look any further than Cupertino to find “totalitarian disease.”

      1. Well, genius, did Cook say exactly what I quoted or not?

        What you really mean is that you do not “like” that he said it…and you dislike even more intensely that I posted what he said.

        1. It’s not what you quoted that was untrue, it’s what you wrote around the quotes:

          “…in what he determines is…”

          Nowhere does Cook say he wants to be the one who determines what is fake news, only that tech companies should look at ways of dealing with this.

          I don’t know why anyone would object, not even Trump or his team, to what Cook actually said.

          1. Well, then WHO does Cook propose who decides what is “fake news” Einstein? And why would he advocate the government making those decisions in complete disregard for the First Amendment.

            screw you… he said it, he owns it.

            1. So when Trump criticizes fake news, are you saying that Trump wants to be the one who determines what is fake news?

              Did you even read what you linked to?

              There’s no first amendment right to publish fake news in the context he’s talking about. The first amendment covers freedom of speech and freedom of the press, both with limits. For example, the first amendment doesn’t prevent Facebook from deleting or preventing you from publishing a fake news story on their platform.

              Cook, and Trump, are both advocating that measures be taken such that news that is fake isn’t allowed to be presented as real news on various platforms. His, and Trump’s comments are broadly spoken without detailed specifics… intentionally… because he’s calling for ideas on how to implement such a thing.

              Contrary to what you said, neither Cook or Trump is asking to be the arbitrator of what is and isn’t fake news. What Cook, and others, are pretty clear about is the need for tools that can filter out and flag intentionally fake news, mostly being spread on social media, and methods by which it can be made more easy to identify and deal with.

              “screw you… he said it, he owns it.”

              Read my comment again. I’m not denying what he actually said, but what you wrote was absolutely false, and I pointed that out. Here it is again:

              “…in what he determines is…”

              That’s not in the article. Cook never said that. You’re making that up entirely on your own.

              I do appreciate the irony though in a comment talking about fake news.

            2. Ok, I’ll (foolishly) bite. Where in that article does it say that the government should have additional power to censor anything? Point out the specific language.

              I think it says that those who publish information (whether they do so in print, radio, television, or online) should take appropriate steps to insure that the information is accurate. If there is credible unrefuted evidence that the “news” is simply not true, the publisher should pull it down. That may constitute self-censorship, but it has nothing to do with government censorship.

            3. The President has called for NO measures to quash main street media, he simply exposes it for the easily provable lies that it is.

              nice try.

            4. First, who defines main stream media (not main street)? Second, Trump undermines the majority of existing media outlets under the blanket term “MSM” regularly. Fake news is Trump’s term for information that differs from his own viewpoint. Truth and fact are simply what Trump feels should be true, what he wants to be true.

              Look back through Trump’s speeches and tweets and interviews. What you find may surprise you, botvinnik, and not in a good way.

            5. Here is a great example:

              Donald Trump pledges to curb press freedom through libel laws


              Botvinnik, you and Trump need to understand that your statements can and will be fact-checked. That is what Tim Cook was talking about — teaching students to examine the basis and source of the information that they receive and to be able to assimilate information from a range of sources into a personal viewpoint.

              You and Trump share a policy of establishing a viewpoint, then attempting to rework (twist, falsify, distort) events and information to fit your viewpoint. You lose.

            6. uh, libel is established law, it is NOT what Pipeline Timmy proposes: government control of the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

              man, you suck.

            7. Yes, libel law is well established… but the President wants to change it. The general rule is that someone who publishes a false and defamatory statement is liable in damages to anyone who is harmed. However, it is also well established that if the subject of the material is a public figure, the libel (or slander) is only actionable if the defendant had “actual malice,” which is defined as knowledge that the statement was false, or reckless disregard as to its falsity.

              What President Trump proposed is that this well established special rule for public figures be repealed, so that members of the press (among others) could be sued even if they had an honest belief that the statement was true after taking every possible step to establish its truth.

              That would clearly result in more lawsuits, a higher proportion of which would be successful. It would also reduce reporters’ incentive to do careful research, because reasonable care would no longer be a legal excuse. The change would inevitably be a quite significant disincentive for journalists, whether they work for the New York Times or InfoWars, to engage in investigative reporting.

              The problem for those who support the change is that the rules about public figures cannot simply be “repealed” by Congress or a state legislature. The courts have consistently held for several decades that the actual malice requirement is inherent to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. So, a call to change the rule is a call to weaken the Bill of Rights.

              Do you really think that Congress and the states can get together the requisite supermajorities to amend the Constitution in a way that will give government officials and billionaires even more ability to suppress “hostile facts” than they already have?

              As with your comment yesterday suggesting that a former FBI Director was treasonously shipping American fissionables to Russia, your own source material refutes the argument you are making. Please read things before citing them.

        2. “fake” news is a tool for bottwipe and tRump and any despot that wants to keep the stupid and uneducated in line.

          Bottwipe is a prime example of the effectiveness of mind manipulation and control.

            1. But yesterday you were claiming my mind was manipulated… by the plantation party, the party invented by black right wing nut jobs to justify joining the repugnant republican party.

            2. Bottwipe… been through the whole black helicopter, gubmint camps, UN troops thing, long ago with the Arizona Militia…

              I even saw a UN convoy late one night driving up from Yuma to I-10 going from San Diego to Phoenix up highway 95 at the Yuma Proving Grounds. Truck after truck, white, UN symbol on the door.

            3. Yes. I’ve been bonded, security clearances… really the only job it’s been a problem with is a bank.

              I’ve been in secret places… true fact.. at least according to the colonel, during the Grenada invasion, the only reliable communications they had with Washington on the ground was through an Apple/Corvus network. They had a semi.. roll up on the battlefield, roll out the network, set up the antennas and dishes and run your war. They kept blowing network cards though. We/they (mostly they) and Corvus figured out it was the generators not being properly grounded.

              True story. I vote. I can hold public office. If I was unemployed my insurance would be a dollar a month.

              I did what I did. Think Merton and his theory of Anomie.

            4. And that was actually changing 1 word in the law from handgun to firearm. 91… you know, residue from the war on drugs.

              Ex Post Facto… can’t make a law and make previous behavior, formerly legal, illegal.

              I joined the NRA when I was 10. Taught my kids how to handle weapons.

            5. Boy’s Club. Rod and Reel Club. Camping and fishing. Shooting competitions and to enter you had to take the NRA gun safety course and join. Expired of course but I am a believer in the 2nd and I am not going to debate limits. Zero sum game.

      2. What is the source of these alleged “fake” down votes, botvinnik? Do you believe that MDN is manipulating the votes? If so, the right wing MDN staff would be likely pushing the results in the opposite direction (in your favor).

        And what is the definition of a “fake” down vote? In the botvinnik dictionary, the definition is likely “Any MDN rating below 5 stars applied to a post by botvinnik or his like-minded cronies, or to any post that espouses right-wing policies and viewpoints as defined by the RNC or, independently, by Trump.”

        Face it, botvinnik. People just don’t like you on this forum. And they tend to disagree with your ideas, too.

        1. Just like the fake president he’ll never accept how much and how glaringly he is depised here, never mind in his own house, where the stench of his gangrene and his venom obviously keep anyone away.

          Hard to know what’s stinks worse, his atrophied foul mind and mouth or his geriatric soiled underpants.

          Oh and BTW : The source of these down votes is: 1st and geribot , the two phsycopathically rabid social misfits who have hijacked MDN and lost it their registered members.

    1. But but but…you and your looney mates are always ranting about fake news, fake media, fake (down)votes…why would you NOT agree with TC and willingly sign up to the idea? You could then have your irrational purge_everything_you_disagree_with and live in la-la land forever?

        1. Well I’ll not bet against it, at least talking-up the possibility.
          With Priebus and Sessions having exited the building, there is now zero traditional GOP influence holding Trump back. So yes, it could happen, not least because ‘any port in a storm’ is attractively dumb enough to happen. Who knows where this ‘box of fireworks’ social experiment-accident will target next?

    1. And most of the 19 scandals involve local officials who are under investigation for illegal activities. The stories have been widely covered in the local media but they haven’t received national attention. I’m sorry, but my local paper in Texas (like the New York Times and Washington Post) only has so much space on the front page. They can’t give equally prominent attention to both…

      (1) A bid-rigging indictment against the mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, and

      (2) A meeting between three close advisers to the President of the United States and somebody purporting to be a Russian government official offering the assistance of her government in influencing an American election.

  2. Tongue in cheek…but…I almost wish Herr Trump would advocate the same US action…the ensuing Botty orgasmic explosion might just do the trick and cure the pestilence that MDN sanctions.

  3. Don’t disagree with bottwipe. He might file a false police report and accuse you of trying to steal his Apple ID.

    For some doG awful reason he reported me. Or he is a liar.

    Either way, the pathetic worm will file a false police report.

        1. XCon’s theme song:

          “Paranoia strikes deep
          Into your life it will creep
          It starts when you’re always afraid
          You step out of line, the man come and take you away.”

          you have lost all critical thinking ability.

            1. bottwipe said:

              botvinnik Registered User
              Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – 6:48 am · Reply
              that all ya’ got?
              you’re about as insightful as your doppelganger CitizenXCon, who, incidentally, is being investigated by Apple for attempting to hack my iTunes account. You are a fraud.”

              So that is one of your post. Seems I was being “investigated” by Apple for attempting to hack you iTunes account.

              I’m pretty sure that with the millions of accounts customers have with Apple, there are many reports of hacking. I am also sure with that in mind, that if Apple is going to investigate a single complaint among the 10’s of thousands that they have, they are going to have some kind of official reason to do it.

              You are a sad, pathetic individual.

            2. I see the mooch is out. Such a well run white house.

              I learned in management training that if you have a people problem, you have to ask yourself as a manager, “is it a people problem or a management problem”.

              I think we know what the answer is in the white house.

            3. Actually not a lifetime, not even a big part of my life. It only exist in your mind bottwipe.

              You do not define be bottwipe. Sorry to have to break it to you. Yeah, I spent some time in jail. Learned a lot. Worked hard and helped launch the PC business. Raised 2 kids that are doing well. Going to retire. Bought a place to retire to.

              I’m not the one that’s life is so pathetic that a golden shower from the sexual predator in chief is looking up. I’m not the one so hateful you would allow tRump to shit on your head and call it a blessing. I’m not the one that is so fucked in the head and racist that unlike you, I don’t blame my problems on “That Black Man That Dared Be President.”

              Good song by the way.

            4. To be honest, I downvote you when you run on at the Bott. It’s meant well I know but ultimately self defeating. This post I can agree with, just let the Bott do the verbal diarrhea. His endless mindless rubbish speaks for him, so let ‘him’ be the architect of his own spiral into irrelevancy. Let’s send him to Coventry(Google it) apart from some well chosen rebuttal of course.

            5. Likewise, I ignore him and his buddies when they are just expressing opinions and venting against Democrats or my fellow non-Trump Republicans, but I refuse to just stand by silently when they assert “facts” that are quite clearly untrue.

              All the lies (from both sides) circulating out there are creating a situation where many Americans are beginning to question whether there even is such a thing as the truth. If somebody does not do elementary fact-checking, the lies will just get repeated.

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