Apple’s new ‘iPhone 8’ design ‘confirmed’

“Working with case designer Nodus, I have been able to obtain CAD files for the iPhone 8 through its supply chain,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “We have rendered these to visualise the final design and I can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious ‘Plan B’ are unfounded.”

“Consequently users can expect Apple to release an iPhone 8 which almost completely eliminates the chunky bezels of previous iPhones. An elongated and enlarged 5.8-inch display will feature a cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors and it should mean notifications switch to a new ‘Function Area’ in iOS 11,” Kelly writes. “Furthermore, while it isn’t shown in the renders, I can also confirm the Lighting port will remain.”

“Perhaps the biggest talking point, however, is the home button [sic] [recte Sleep/Wake button],” Kelly writes. “Apple will almost double its size for the iPhone 8 and with Touch ID integration into the display still in doubt, the company could easily use this larger button to copy Sony and integrate Touch ID into the power button [sic] [recte Sleep/Wake button] instead. This would be an unobtrusive workaround and Apple has already been granted a patent for this.”

iPhone 8 is said to sport a new dual vertically aligned camera to aid AR, anedge-to-edge OLED display, and an elongated Sleep/Wake button that may house Touch ID (Image: Nodus and Gordon Kelly)
iPhone 8 is said to sport a new dual vertically aligned camera to aid AR, anedge-to-edge OLED display, and an elongated Sleep/Wake button that may house Touch ID (Image: Nodus and Gordon Kelly)

Read more, and see all of the renders, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As for that cutout, we doubt that Apple would execute the display in such a way as to draw attention to a black cutout containing the FaceTime camera, earpiece, etc. More likely, the thin top of the display on either side would remain off limits to anything but the deepest OLED black into which such a cutout would simply disappear.

Reports that Apple will cram battery, carrier, Wi-Fi, signal strength into those areas on either side make no sense to us as that would only work with the iPhone held vertically in portrait mode. What happens to those areas on either side of that cutout when the iPhone is in horizontal landscape mode?

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  1. What Apple would do and what Steve would do are. Is two different things. With no one to say no, maybe it isn’t what you think it should be.

    What did Steve have to say about the Pro Performa series, the Mac II/CI ColorMac, etc? Look Apple has good people working for them. It’s the NO factor, the turning down of 1000 ideas only to keep the “one” that fits the mark, the useless screw for visual balance. What exec out there is going to enforce that, other than Steve?

    Yet he emphatically said Apple wasn’t going to do a touch tablet. He is such the no person, that he had to be “turned” to a good idea – he could be turned.

    Apple had other problems and made bad choices, in the 90’s, that Steve rescewed them from.

    We need to understand and know that some odd ducks will come out of Apple.

    I am withholding all judgement until after the official announcement. Based on what I have seen, I am concerned but it won’t keep me from upgrading.

    1. Agreed. Apple’s product process now is a shitstorm compared to the Jobs regime.

      MDN’s “doubt” that Apple would F up the display isn’t grounded in any recent Apple design decisions — they’ve made mistake after mistake after mistake, and there’s no reason to believe they’ve corrected anything. Ive is still calling the shots. My theory is he’s trying to get shitcanned.

      Speaking of terrible design in the top area of the phone, can anybody justify why the clock/wifi signal indicator disappear when you open an app folder/group on the iOS home screen?

  2. Yes, while I was working with a Taiwanese and Chinese koi pond developer in northern Japan, I learned that yes indeed, it appears that Apple is working hard to bring a new iPhone to market sometime in the future. Stay tuned…


  3. “What happens to those areas on either side of that cutout when the iPhone is in horizontal landscape mode?”

    That’s an easy question. Let me answer it with another question. Why do you need those visuals (battery, carrier, Wi-Fi, signal strength) when in landscape mode?

    You want to see them? Turn your iPhone to Portrait view!

    1. So we get black on the sides of the cut out in horizontal mode?
      Then why not just have a narrow bazil.. and reduce the screen size if that part of the screen will have zero functionality . And simply overlay the battery/signsl information on active part of the screen . (Like it is now )
      Why should Apple pay and utilize a larger screen ( more money, more power use ) and put extra useless pixels there. ..
      And misslead the market with advertizing the wrong size of the actual usable screen?
      …………i see black pixels on sides of the cutout to be a terrible solution. Specially in horizontal position.

    1. There was no NDA.

      Case makers don’t get advance info. This was just a free advertisement for Nodus on Forbes because some idiot can’t be trusted to do journalism instead of spewing out clickbait.

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