UBS: Apple Watch is taking over

“According to a new report from UBS, the Apple Watch is starting to dominate the wrists of people who wear watches, and its popularity is beginning to grow,” Abdel Ibrahim reports for WatchAware.

“The Apple Watch is bigger than every other Swiss brand, with the exception of Rolex, according to the report and Swatch is the company that is the most vulnerable,” Ibrahim reports.

“‘Market share may be further eroded for the Swiss industry as smartwatches improve in functionality,’ Helen Brand from UBS said,” Ibrahim reports. “‘The wider wearables market is now likely 30-40 million in volumes in total with Swiss watches industry volumes at 28m.'”

New limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style
The new limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

Just look around. You can see Apple Watches on wrists all over the world.

Again, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, yet, you are missing out.

If, beyond an iPhone, you also have a Mac, an iPad, AirPods, etc. and still don’t have an Apple Watch, you’re really missing out.

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    1. I could give a s**t about cool over advantageous and practical uses for which the Apple Watch should be most noted for. Obviously you haven’t had one on your wrist for any amount of time to say that. I don’t even think the Apple Watch is particularly sexy, it just gets many jobs done more handily. And I’m only still on Watch 1! Looking forward to Watch 3.

      1. I’ve found it a bit to thick when I’ve tried it on in the store. Something I’m sure they may solve down the line.

        If you own one, could you take a moment to say what you use it for or would use it for if it were “sexy” enough?

        Other than warning me of rain in time to grab an umbrella I can’t think of one and haven’t seen any others of value to me. I’d imagine notifications could be viewed less obtrusively, but you’d still look like you can’t wait to leave wherever it was.

        Perhaps the vibration notifications are its best feature?

        1. @Shock Me:

          I hadn’t worn a watch in more than a dozen years; purchasing an Apple Watch the first month they went on sale in 2015 was admittedly an impulse buy (and I knew that I could return it to the Apple Store).

          As for the device: I’d say it’s a case of the sum of the parts (uses) being more than the whole (device itself). I give it credit for making me take much more seriously my daily activity and exercise as both relate directly to personal health.

          Everything else is, well, just all the little things that add up to a surprising amount of convenience every day:
          • “Hey Siri, set a timer for X minutes”.
          • “Hey Siri, send a text to (contact name) letting him/her know that (whatever you want to say).” I can’t emphasize this one enough especially when you’re driving!
          • In the car, I used to be fiddling with songs to play. Now, it’s “Hey Siri, play Hotel California by the Eagles” or “Hey Siri, play some (name a genre of music).
          • You approach the entrance to the airport and your Apple Watch vibrates; you glance at it and it asks if you’d like to self-check in for your flight. You tap ‘yes’, and the display shows that you can now proceed through security and then to gate B37.
          • And, yes, the option to discreetly glance at the Watch in order to see a text message, phone call, and other notifications is much appreciated in a work environment where use of a personal phone is not looked upon favorably.

          I’ve told friends and family that no one actually needs an Apple Watch. Hey, no one needs a remote control for a TV, either. I mean, you can just get up and change the channel, right? But once you’ve had and used a TV remote (or an Apple Watch) you’ll understand what I mean.

          1. Don’t think you need the Apple Watch for Hey Siri. I may be wrong. I like the way the Apple Watch looks, but doesn’t function very well as a serious sports watch. Too many limitations to name here, but the biggest drawback for me was no split button. And the face of the watch doesn’t work well when exercising. It’s off and takes too long to turn on when I’m trying to check my time out when I’m under exercise stress. The battery is horrible too. Traded it in for a proper multisport watch — the Garmin fenix 5. The difference is night and day in sports usability and you still get texts and emails and other messages right to your watch. I think it’s all a matter of what you’re looking for. I think the Apple Watch works well for the average exerciser, but if you’re serious about your training, it’s just not gonna fit your needs.

            1. yes, if you have an iPhone that can do ‘hey siri’ whether plugged in, or on battery only, you don’t need an Apple Watch for Hey Siri. You do if you’re on iPhone 5.

            2. Cpuiulet. Yes you can do splits. Apple really needs an in-depth manual. Too many features are hidden.
              – Launch the stopwatch app.
              – Press force touch to bring up optional faces.
              – Tap analog. You now have one large face.
              – Swipe up. You now have three small faces and splits.
              – You now have many splits. Use the crown to scroll thru them.
              – Tap any of the three faces to switch back to the one large face.

          2. I use the most (long-click the crown, then):

            • “Set a timer for 45 minutes” (e.g. while BBQing);

            • “Wake me in one hour” (power nap before a WoW or Jazz session).

            Those two more than any other that require my input.

            For spot glances, time and current temperature outside are useful to me more than anything else.


            1. If you have “Hey Siri” turned on, then all you need to do is raise your wrist to wake the watch, then say Hey Siri followed by whatever command.
              Very nice when your hands have cooking ingredients on them or when working on anything that gives you dirty, greasy fingers.

        2. Are use it daily to monitor my health metrics. It’s also an Intercal part of my daily meditations. Are used Apple Pay on my watch all the time, and actually find that it helps me throughout the day and ways I probably forgot to mention.

        3. Watching stocks. Just cool to see my watch list updated all the time and not pull out the iPhone 6s.
          Just one reason. Apple Pay still amazes people wherever I’ve been able to use it. Cashiers don’t even know how I paid sometimes. People next to me want to know how I did it. I could go on.

    2. I see a sheet-ton of AW users out there daily so they’re definitely very popular at least from my anecdotal observations *BUT* i couldn’t agree more, i see no compelling reason to buy one at this point–i quit wearing watches years ago and have never looked back.

      MAYBE if they were to offer 3D/holographic data, touchless haptics and/or full-featured/all on-board processing (no iphone needed) i would probably go for it –but the fact that the current AW has to rely upon an outboard iphone for much of it’s function is somewhat superfluous imo and sort of a turn off..

      It may be more convenient to some but being tethered to an iphone is just redundancy.

  1. “The Apple Watch is bigger than every other Swiss brand…”

    So either the writer, 1) thinks the Apple Watch is Swiss, 2) is saying that Apple Watch is larger than half of the Swiss brands (every other one), or 3) should have said that Apple Watch is bigger than EVERY Swiss brand, with the exception of Rolex.

      1. I thought charging was an issue too. But I have an inexpensive dock which holds the watch so that its a perfect night clock with large digits. Just tap it to see it.

        You just throw it on with one hand and you’re done. It could not be easier or faster. Charging has become a non factor.

      2. My son bought me the miniature original Mac that is an Apple Watch holder. Best accessory ever. Once you insert the charger and set it on your night stand. I take the watch off and drop it right in the holder. Then it looks like the original Mac with a clock face.

  2. I keep saying this. I see them everywhere. Mostly on working young people addicted to their phones. That’s a massive market.
    The killer feature? That you can glance at your notifications at work without upsetting your employer.
    Most of the folks I ask what their favorite feature is, and most don’t know what all it does, just that they peek at their phone without pulling it out and being caught doing so at work.
    That it still looks cool and gorgeous is what makes it acceptable to wear.
    These same people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a tacky gaudy Andriod Wear.

  3. Haha. MDN just made that up. I rarely see an Apple Watch in the UK, Australia or anywhere in Europe. Actually I have seen two in Sydney but there was a long time between sightings. Mind you Apple is not big in Europe where Apple Maps is next to useless and IOS problems with Safari and cookies mean you have to run Chrome on an iPhone if you don’t like being tracked.

    It’s such an ugly, bulky, device. I guess if you are a runner it is probably very useful but for the rest of us who have given up wearing watches there is little appeal.

    Watch wearing is on the decline so is a growing share of a declining market notable?

    1. I’m waiting for the Apple Watch that is as big as a Rolex. The Apple Watch is too thin. I want it to be as fat as a Rolex and then I’ll look more manly.

    2. You’re blind, lying or living in a nursing home. I live in Sydney and take public transport to work and see many Apple Watches every day on the wrists of fellow commuters, co-workers, shop assistants, etc.
      Australia has one of the highest penetration rates of Apple products which is why we are always one of the launch countries for new and upgraded products. Spotting non-iPhones on the bus and train is a challenge and already I tend to see 2-3 people each morning and evening wearing AirPods.

    3. WTF? You “have to run Chrome on an iPhone if you don’t like being tracked”.

      You do realize Chrome is from Google, the biggest tracking/data sucking company in the world, don’t you????

    4. Have had an Apple Watch since day 1. Now with Apple Watch Series 2.

      You are not a SunBeamRapier, you are a sunbeam and common sense RAPER. So a giant EFF EW for being such a friggin’ a-hole.

      I see TONS of Apple Watches out and about. Seeing Android Wear or Samsung is pretty rare.

      Anyway, once again, you are a disgusting BRAIN RAPER of the highest order. Please eff off most whole heartedly and go piss on your fellow trolls over at 9to5Google and Microsoft dot com, who fail to appreciate that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on.

    5. I have found Apple Maps much better than Google Maps here in my corner of Netherlands/Belgium/Germany. Both Data-wise and UI-wise. Data-wise, I tend to get much more accurate, current data about road closures, detours and traffic. Often Google doesn’t show me anything. UI-wise, Apple Maps is much smoother, and caches better for times when I lose connection.

  4. I’m sure in some circles, AppleWatch is still considered a failed product. Any product Apple makes that doesn’t come close to iPhone sales numbers is automatically considered a failed product. I think Apple could sell much more AppleWatches if wasn’t so dependent upon having an iPhone. I don’t know why Apple is making AppleWatch dependent upon the iPhone. Like all iPods, why not also allow Mac desktops or notebooks to manage AppleWatch?

    1. Two reasons: security, and pushing most of the computing heavy lifting onto another device so the watch can be small enough to be wearable.

      It blows my mind to see someone exercising with a full sized phone strapped to their arm (usually Android these days, since the iPhone can stay in a pocket).

      I ride my bicycle with my Apple Watch to read my heart rate and show me info, and my iPhone safely in a bike bag or in my pocket.

  5. I’ve had one since day 1 – have a series 2 now & have worn it even single day! I have starte$ seeing many more around over the past few months – like the iPhone when it first came out – initially a novelty but gained critical mass over time

  6. I was a doubter, but picked up a 42mm space grey this weekend and I have to admit, it is quite cool. If anything, if you are on the ropes about this, try it and see. You can always return it if it doesn’t float your boat. Just make sure you get series 2.

  7. One of the best features is how it helps me find my dang phone. You tap a symbol and your phone keeps ringing until you locate it! Simple but effective!

  8. Apple Watch has several important uses for me. One is getting banking notications each time my account has a debit(so far it’s only been my debits, but if anyone else made a debit from my account, it is setup to notify me with a simple vibration on my wrist). Another use is when I’m doing paperwork and using Calender, I have pen&paper in one hand and Apple Watch on the other(wrist). This is HUGELY convenient because I don’t necessarily need my iPhone out of my pocket in looking at my schedule. Yet another are one(s) already nentioned above, like locating my phone around the house with dinging, and also monitoring my heart rate so as to see if it’s in my normal range. These are my main uses, but if course there are many many more.
    And really-it doesn’t matter what the Apple Watch looks like on our wrists. It is quickly becoming a universal device and so will become as recognizable as the iPhone became and is (hasn’t all phones adopted the basic look of an iPhone for the last decade? So looks don’t matter because uniformity will win out.

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