“Consumers’ love affair with fitness bands looks to have run its course with smartwatches shaping up to be the preferred way to lose the tub,” Paul Kunert reports for The Register. “Or so market sales data from channel analyst Canalys has indicated: basic band shipment globally, which are comprised mostly of fitness bands, fell seven per cent year-on-year to just over nine million units in Q1 of 2017.”

“This was the first time category reported sales shrinkage, with the major incumbent Fitbit posting a 30 per cent crash across its wearable band portfolio to 2.9 million devices, though the extent of the slide was due to purchase postponement,” Kunert reports. “Smartwatch sales jumped 26 per cent to more than six million – some 40 per cent of the total wearable band market. Apple Watch accounted for 3.8 million of these sales, up 77 per cent from a year ago, ‘despite its high price,’ said Canalys.”

New limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style

The new limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style

Kunert reports, “Said Jason Low, Canalys analyst, ‘What sets the Apple Watch apart is a renewed focus on fitness, its co-branding with Nike helping to support this move. In addition, the availability of a wide range of accessories means the Apple Watch appeals to tech savvy consumers with an eye for fashion.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s really only one smartwatch worth owning… scratch that: There’s really only one smartwatch, period.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, yet, you are missing out.

If, beyond an iPhone, you also have a Mac, an iPad, AirPods, etc. and dn’t have an Apple Watch, you are really missing out.

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