Apple’s revolutionary iPhone is turning 10. What will it look like at 20?

“You wake up refreshed. Ever since you got that alarm clock that adapts to your sleep cycle, your calendar, and the traffic report, you practically leap out of bed,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “You exercise, focusing on the muscles that the biometric sensor in your shirt says need some help. Not 10 seconds after you finish, the oven beeps—breakfast is ready. Healthy stuff. You need it, after all the drinking last weekend. As you eat, the TV streams headlines tailored to your interests. Suddenly, your smartwatch buzzes with an alert: Pileup on the freeway. You need to leave, like now, or you’re going to be late to work. You have that presentation today. You can’t be late.”

“Most people in tech agree that life probably will look something like this in 2027. Omnipresent technology will touch nearly every moment of your day, invisibly making life faster, more efficient, more attuned to your wants and needs and feelings,” Pierce writes. “This raises an interesting question: In a gloriously connected, flawlessly optimized world where everything is a computer, what do you need with a smartphone?”

“This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which hit store shelves on June 29, 2007. (It might be more accurate to say they grazed store shelves before landing in the hands of buyers, who spent days camped outside Apple Stores.) Now, any number of statistics speak to the seismic shift the iPhone caused. Four billion people own a smartphone. The devices generate hundreds of billions in revenue each year. They gave rise to entire industries, like smart homes and drones. Hell—you’re probably reading this on your phone,” Pierce writes. “It won’t last. Nothing does. The phone in your pocket could give way to a watch on your wrist, glasses on your face, or headphones in your ears.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Or, more likely, all three. Before the implants become ubiquitous, of course.

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