Why investors should be happy about Apple’s live streaming TV absence

“For months investors in the streaming/tech space have been hearing about Hulu’s expansion into live TV. [And now] the curtain was finally raised,” The Entertainment Oracle writes for Seeking Alpha. “And to put it bluntly, it is not the silver bullet everyone expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s clean, slick and impressive in its own right but it’s not the “‘end-all.’ That in turn got me thinking, maybe there isn’t going to be an “end-all,” at least not for a while. And then I realized maybe this is what Apple has known all along.”

TEO writes, “The problem is that no streamer has the ability to live-stream local channels in every market in the country.”

“Now whenever I talk about this I have to mention rabbit-ear antennas and a special type of TiVo could solve this problem for some consumers, but I stand by my assertion that is not a ‘end-all’ method either as most people who haven’t made the switch are waiting for a more seamless transition and one that doesn’t involve multiple ways of receiving content (and one that is not potentially impacted by weather conditions),” TEO writes. “It is becoming clearer that if you have not cut the cord yet, you are likely not going to until it is a seamless transition and Apple knew it didn’t want to enter a space unless it could truly take a step in that direction and OWN it. Right now, that is not possible – not for Apple, not for anyone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly, Apple would not only want to be able to offer a fully working (i.e. not “some of you get the local CBS affiliate, but ABC, NBC, and Fox are On Demand-only”) solution in order to satisfy fans, but also to avoid the hypercritical deluge that would occur if they offered what DirectTV Now, SlingTV, Hulu, YouTube TV, and – the best of the bunch – Sony’s PlayStation Vue offer today.

National network streams would solve the issue for many, including us as the amount we care about local news and other local programming can be measured only in rat’s asses.

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    1. The website said that some programmes were restricted to their countries of origin, due to broadcast rights. Which ones? .. it would be fun to see old episodes of What Not to Wear. I’d binge-watch Benny Hill if their archives went back that far.

  1. I want a la carte and do not care about local channels. The so-called local news is yellow journalism at it’s most uninformed and sensationalistic, and my weather apps are more detailed, timely and accurate than what they have. I’ll take a generic network stream any day of the week.
    I, like tens of millions of cord cutters, am tired of supporting the Disney/ABC/ESPN empire of sports gossip. Give me pay per view for the games I want and you can shove the talking head shows up Bob Iger’s ass. Same for Comcast/NBC’s sports channels, Fox’s and CBS Sports Channel. I think America reached peak sports on radio and TV quite some time ago. ESPN gets about $10/ month per subscriber on your Cable/Satellite/Streaming bundle regardless of you watch it or not. Well I would rather not.

    It is a nice scam ESPN has going. You get to pay them for the same sports that used to be on ABC, CBS and NBC for free and you STILL get the damn commercials. The streaming services should price services by numbers- here are our 50 channels- take any 10 for X Dollars and each additional 10 will cost X Dollars. The free market of choice would kill off most of the Bullshit we get to subsidize by set bundles like ESPN 2,3,News, whatever. MTV, BET, VH1 and many others would quickly go dark. Let us choose what cable news channels we want instead of throwing them in a forced bundle- I doubt Botvinik does not like subsidizing MSNBC and I do not like subsidizing Fox anything.
    Let’s let the viewers vote with their wallets and we will see the number of channels quickly come down to 10-20 tops and our bills along with it.

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