Google just succeeded where Apple failed

“Alphabet Inc. isn’t exactly a direct competitor to Apple Inc., but the former just eclipsed the latter, and seemingly out of nowhere,” Brad Moon writes for InvestorPlace.

‘One of the worst-kept secrets in the industry has been Apple’s determination to get into the TV business. The company has been working for years trying to put together an online TV service, hoping to offer 25 channels for between $30 and $40 monthly. That project seemed to have been put on hold when AAPL and broadcasters couldn’t reach an agreement on price,” Moon writes. “But Alphabet has just succeeded where Apple failed.”

“YouTube TV — live TV from over 40 providers including the big networks for $35 per month — is now official,” Moon writes. “The four major networks are onboard. So is Walt Disney Co’s ESPN, along with regional sports networks. Google is also including some content from its premium YouTube Red service. All told, there will be over 40 different content providers — not bad for $35 per month. Subscribers get unlimited cloud DVR storage, search powered by Google’s AI, six user accounts (three streams can be active simultaneously) and the ability to watch YouTube TV on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Google Chromecast.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, but does Google’s YouTube have Planet of the Apps?

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Jim Mol” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s three.
    1 Chromebooks in education
    2 Google Project Fi – cell service from Google MVNO
    3 YouTube TV

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

    OBTW, where’s Project Titan? Too little, to late?

  2. Eddie is too busy looking soooo California in his breezy shirts.

    Come on, man, stop playing the beach scene and get to work.

    Seriously, how many years have you been working on trying to put together an Apple TV deal? Geez!

    Wait, don’t tell me, you don’t think the bank is going to lend you the money for the deal because the company you work for is short of cash. Oh, now I understand.

    You guys are starting to look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. A bunch of bumbling fools too busy checking out the chicks checking out your car to be focused on working.

    We all understand because at one time we too were in high school.

    Apple should be crushing the field, defining the field, eating the competition in every market it decides to own.

    Apple, get rid of the high school lightweights and bring in serious business executives interested less in looking at themselves in the mirror and more interested in doing good work and the right thing for the company.

  3. MDN your take is absolutely priceless!
    You’ve said everything in just one sentence. BRAVO.
    During all the month i’am going to click on all your sponsors link 🙂

  4. Tim Cook is meeting with Al Gore this weekend to nail down the Al and Tim All Day LGBTQ and The World Will End Next Week If Everybody But Us Doesn’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels Network. The network will feature Tim and Al and Lena Dunham and Rosie O’Donnell and Barbra Streisand all day long.

    1. I’m not a fan of Cook but I’m not a bigot either. There are more than enough Trumpists to play that role.

      Your comment only serves to show everyone else how much more you have to grow as a person.

      Your inadequacies are best left undisplayed. .

    1. You may have inadvertently struck the answer. Due to Apple’s stringent privacy policies, Apple lacks the customer info that media companies probably want when making those media deals. Since that is something Apple cannot provide, they most likely charge a higher price for Apple and Apple is refusing to play.

      1. Let’s go with that. Then Apple should pay the media companies and charge their customers if they are indeed as private as they say. Even if they are today, they better guarantee they will never disclose, because you know they have the info, and you paid for privacy.

  5. Google had much more success getting the networks to fall in line because they have something Apple doesn’t: YouTube. People over 25 would be stunned to see how many hours a week their younger counterparts spend consuming content on YouTube. The networks probably felt pressure to get on board with Google’s initiative or get left behind. Apple has nothing in its portfolio that it can use to apply similar pressure.

    1. There is some really good content on YouTube. I can see why anyone under 25 would prefer and totally on-demand service that is free, has little or no ads, and a great suggestion model. It’s a time-wasting paradise. And did I mention that some of the content is really good? If you don’t think so, check out RocketJump Film School / Tony Northrup Photography tutorials / Scam school / or GMM.

    2. I’m close to 70 and I watch youtube for at least a couple of hours on a daily basis. They have auto races on the Offical IMSA Channel, many educational information shows and I enjoy watching things like Unbox Therapy, The SciFi Show and Linus TechTips. Youtube has lots of English subtitles foreign movies and series I’ve learned plenty on how to repair my bicycles. There are shows about space exploration and natural disasters. You name it. There is something for everyone. I constantly download music from Youtube with mp4 downloaders. There’s plenty of special mixes made by music fans.

      It’s a pity Apple doesn’t have anything close to youtube, but then again neither do most other companies. That’s an awful lot of videos to store and web traffic to keep moving.

  6. Apples efforts in the TV arena have been and are nothing short of absolute embarrassment……… from hardware to UI… to content and skinny bundles.
    And now these original content jokes with Planets of Apps (Gwinnett mentoring what a good app is… 😳) ……and silly, corny, absolutely unoriginal Car Karaoke !?

    And what do we have on the other side if the net….Games of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, Breaking bad, Crown….. etc…..
    trully embarrassing.. … Hello Tim….. Cue is the right guy?????!!!

    Now that im on a roll ..let me throw this in too, again!……( because i think it could have a massive ‘make it or break it’ effect for Apple) :

    Apple’s AI and contextual understand of words, language and expressions , spell check.. suggestions or corrections “is this what u meant” thing….their database analytics…etc .. are all in a jurassic state competed to some of their competition.
    To add insult to injury; their lack of comprehensive/ coherent and thorough implementation of whats already a subpar AI across all Apples ecosys and modules.. etc….

    Truly Jurassic as compared to some of the competition., …Jurassic!

    And that my friends is very very dengerouse… given the trend of things.

    1. I’m beginning to think may be Scott Forstall should come back, being able to play nice with the rest in the team gives us complacency, doesn’t it start to show now?

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