Apple’s iPhone 8 with embedded AR would mark a key transition point

“Beyond the well-understood feature upgrades like OLED and wireless charging, the [Simona Jankowski at Goldman Sachs] believes iPhone 8 will be the first device that will have embedded AR (augmented reality) functionality, but how this translates into real-world app based functionality is difficult to articulate or capture without some feature demos, or early indications from WWDC 2017,” Alex Cho writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Her premise sounds reasonable, as added mems (micro electro mechanical system) content could make Apple’s upcoming flagship more differentiated from prior-generation models and builds upon the mounting narrative that this upcoming iPhone 8 is meant to be a revolutionary transition,” Cho writes. “Notwithstanding the lack of clarity, I believe iPhone 8 would need a significant feature addition such as AR content to refresh the line-up, and create new capabilities that could render older iPhone models obsolete.”

“Apple’s inclusion of AR could force developers to build first-generation geo-location and graphically native UI over a real world visual overlay. Instead of conventional graphics, the real world becomes the canvas upon which apps interact creating this first-generation ‘into the Matrix’ effect,” Cho writes. “The information is transmitted via the screen and camera (with 3D laser integration), which creates this sort of universe where you can interact with any app that offers some geo-location functionality.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s next-gen flagship iPhone could very well be the most differentiated iPhone ever produced.

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  1. “iPhone 8 would need a significant feature addition such as AR content to refresh the line-up, and create new capabilities that could render older iPhone models obsolete.”

    People don’t need to see a phone made obsolete before they go out a buy a new one. Even with no new “features”, but just upgraded hardware people will find value in obtaining a new phone. Tech writers and hyper fans want new cool, cutting edge sci-fi stuff, but the vast majority of iPhone users use a handful of apps and phone features and care about new bling. They will buy a new phone every 1-3 years because their phones get beat up, or the want to keep up with friends and family, etc. In other words, the iPhone will not be a failure without the magic of integrated AR.

  2. I just found my okd iphone 4s. It was so elegant and perfect size. My 7plus is nice but i hate its bulk. I wish i had a phone tgat was able to do what the new 7 plus does with the size of the 4s. To heck with thin and vr. I just want a iphone that works is small and powerful.

  3. If anyone could enlighten me on how AR would be more beneficial to the average iPhone user other than by gimmick, trendy games or advertising please list.
    I want to keep an open mind.
    An iPhone with AR just may be the first iPhone I don’t buy.
    Our phones have been consuming more of our lives for the last 10 years and it’s about time we start focusing on reality vs alternate realities that have now created alternative facts.
    I thought the iPhone would be a great equalizer globally but even with technology that gives us access to almost all information at any time we’ve shown how idiots can still win elections based on ignorance, fear and lies.

    1. Networks don’t exhibit any equalising properties. To the contrary, they encourage conformity to pre-existing beliefs and biases. When left alone networks grow naturally into constellations consisting of a few megahubs with many satellites. This encourages homogeneous thinking and behaviour within the hubs, and increases differences between different hubs, a competitive model of social information-sharing that is very like ideological warfare. The fuel for these processes is unlimited: natural self-interest. It seems nature is our worst enemy, if what we want is social harmony.

  4. *BUT* Cook’s Apple will find some way to screw it up. I can’t remember the last time this current Apple regime implemented a new successful technology. Maybe they have but i just don’t remember it–most everything as of late has been half-baked or under-supported implementations.

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