10 reasons why Apple is winning the enterprise

“Apple and giant enterprise brand, Deloitte reached an enterprise partnership deal yesterday, another in a series of significant moves that reflect the strong leadership position of iOS in enterprise IT,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple under Tim Cook is dramatically extending its reach,” Evans writes. “When it comes to the enterprise, the company already has strong and fruitful alliances with IBM, Cisco, SAP, JAMF, and others. These are important partnerships with firms who have already built trust in enterprise IT.”

“The next generation of employees is independent, tech-savvy and want to work with the devices and platforms they are used to. They will work long hours in exchange for autonomy, won’t stay in a job they despise and will vote with their feet if they don’t get what they want,” Evans writes. “These new enterprise employees already choose Apple kit, and given the cost of staff recruitment, training and retention, it behooves enterprise IT to give these valuable people what they want.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple means business™.

Again, IT doofuses, we told ya so — 10 days before Apple sold their first iPhone:

The IT guys are in for a rude awakening and the iPhone is only the beginning. They will have to accommodate the iPhone. Too many important employees will demand it and IT won’t be able to stem the tide. The fact is that business people will decide which device they want to carry and their businesses will adapt to it. Just as they did with “Microsoft-incompatible” Research In Motion’s Blackberry. Apple’s iPhone will be a success with business users whether the IT guy wants it or even whether AT&T and Apple tailor marketing to businesses or not.

Note to CEOs: Who runs the company, you or the IT guy? It’s your job to make the decisions and it’s the IT guy’s job to implement your decisions that relate to technology. Just as with Macs, you need to educate yourself instead of relying on someone with their own, possibly hidden, agendas to make extremely important technology decisions for your company. Most of you could be saving a LOT of money right now, but you aren’t because you’ve delegated an important part of your company’s decision-making to people who, frankly, in our experience, aren’t capable of making good, sound, strategic, long-term decisions. Most IT guys (and we know many) are not open-minded enough to be able to consider new, better, more efficient, more effective options that would benefit your company. In fact, most IT guys we’ve met will throw up road blocks and repeat myths until they’re blue in the face in order to avoid change. Especially change that might make their department less critical or smaller. Bottom line: most of you CEOs have given the IT guy way, way, way too much power. It’s time to take it back.MacDailyNews, June 19, 2007

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  1. Could have fooled me. We are a Mac office. Expect we have to one PC so we can update our IP Phone system box, program our keys for accessing the building and to run QB Pro because the mac version of QB sucks.

    Plus, there is a $8,000 a year service we subscribe to. Windows has software for the service. All of our macs have to access the service through citrix portal. Very frustrating.

  2. Boy do the hackles on IT doofuses backs raise up when told they are essentially luddites & Windows lackeys only looking after their own jobs. Instead of looking for answers they’ll immediately FUD it with technogoop-speak in an effort to countermand such sacrilege and show you what an ignorant fool you are for suggesting such a thing. Progress has always been thwarted by these self-serving types.

    1. So you’ve thrown out all the insults, Peter, good for you.

      What’s your solution? By now Apple should have developed compelling Mac hardware and software that meets the needs of the companies, at a price that makes sense. If Apple doesn’t, then stop blaming IT folks. Apple needs to do better. But no, since 2007, Apple has put all its effort into iOS while the Mac has fallen seriously behind the curve. iOS is waaaaay too limiting for most companies. Sorry, that’s just reality. Apple needs to realize it and get fresh Macs out. With the amount of spare cash Cook is sitting on, this is inexcusable leadership.

      1. Insults are reserved for those deserving. Its not my first knee jerk reaction, well except to the occasional jerk.

        Sure more can be done to bridge the Enterprise gap. I’ve wondered why a service company hasn’t tried to do just that and potentially make a fortune. For my purposes the only area Apple has fallen behind in is the Mac Pro. I agree that with Apple’s cash reserves they should be firing on all cylinders plus but I’m not throwing Tim Cook under the bus quite yet.

        1. Mike is right, Apple is underperforming in important areas. Pro users are tapping their feet with crossed arms waiting for them to come around. The thing is, Apple’s behaviour is maddening: they seldom makes excuses, or promises, and allow the rumour mill to operate unchecked. In my opinion this is stupid, just a holdover from Steve Jobs’s paranoia — and it conflicts with the first mantra, to surprise and delight the customer. The rumour mill has killed the surprise, so only delight is left. That’s a thin wing to fly on.

  3. All these takes bashing IT. News flash: Not every IT guy hates Apple. And as far as CEO’s go, most of them are computer illiterate anyways. We are there to protect them against themselves. It’s all about keeping the network secure. We are not afraid of change. But change just for change sake’s is ridiculous. And remember that a lot of companies just can’t go over to Apple, and that’s because we have programs that need windows on unfortunately. But we’re not going to go spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to put shiny new Max that wouldn’t work anyways with our current software. And we’re not gonna spend hundreds of thousands more dollars upgrading that software when it is doing the job. So wake up already.

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