Apple’s latest macOS Sierra build hints major Mac news for October

“It looks like we should raise our bets on Apple introducing new Macs next month, with changes being quietly included in the most recent macOS Sierra update,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “Apparently, these changes will support the new MacBook Pro hardware.”

“What changes? The primary change appears to be the inclusion of support for the rumored OLED ‘Touchbar” we expect to see inside the new Mac,” Evans writes. “As I wrote at Computerworld: ‘As described, the new OLED strip replaces the Function control strip you find on current MacBook Pros. What makes the strip interesting is that it will change the keys available to you to reflect the context…'”

“We do not know if these Macs will support Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors,” Evans writes. “Many industry watchers seem to think this is unlikely but with the appropriate chips for notebooks about to ship I can’t help but hold out a little hope.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mac time is nearly upon us (finally)!

Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro looks likely for late October launch – September 29, 2016


  1. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. I’m an Air user so it’ll be most interesting for me if they upgrade the line, replace it with new MacBooks or simply have the 12″ Macbook and the upgrade/thinner Macbook Pro 13″/15″. Apple tends to simplify and streamline, but here’s hoping for a curveball like 14″, near-‘bezelless’ screens.

  2. Unanimous agreement.

    MacRumors reports that Apple is working with LG for a new external display to go with it. Finally. Offer 3 sizes, Apple.

    How can anyone be impressed at the pace of Apple’s product introduction on any Mac or Mac accessory? There is no excuse for Apple to have fallen this far behind in Mac hardware.

    My biggest concerns are that Apple will once again put fashion ahead of function. At this point, thinner is not better. Not for a “Pro” model.

    1. I wish Apple would just get with the program on displays. Seriously, they are now laggards. Why can’t Apple pick a family of consistent screen sizes and resolutions and keep them fresh?

      Apple has offered a declining choice in displays, now that number is zero. In the past decade, it offered:

      – Cinema Display 20 inch
      – Cinema Display 23 inch
      – Cinema Display 30 inch

      – LED Cinema Display 24 inch
      – LED Cinema Display 27 inch

      – Thunderbolt Display 27 inch

      It is definitely time for Apple to offer a new family of displays with 4K resolution. What’s the hold up?????????

      1. Curved screen for TV don’t make sense since a curve is only really good for centered viewers.

        But very large/wide curved screens make perfect sense for computing. Some day I want a 180 degree curved screen to match my 270 degree circular desk.

  3. How about an affordable upgradable tower. Would a real graphics card hurt? Do I have to buy a dell to get a real graphics card? Heck I can even get 2 graphics cards in one dell. Why have a phone that take 4k video yet you can’t even edit it or play it on most macs.

    Come on Apple stop selling 4 year old computers at a premium.

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