“It may go against the way you think the world works but government and enterprise users really do love their iPads, with almost half of all Apple’s tablet sales going to enterprise and government folks,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“‘Apple is stronger in the enterprise market with its devices than it is with consumers,’ Forrester analyst Frank Gillet, told The New York Times,” Evans writes. “‘When given a mobile device choice, nearly 80 percent of all age groups select iOS compared to just 18 percent who choose Android,’ another recent survey claimed.”

“Recognizing its weaknesses and strengths, Tim Cook’s partnership-focused company is working with others to raise its enterprise game. It has ‘quietly kept advancing on this front, using enterprise technology partners such as IBM and Cisco, rather than trying to add capabilities themselves,’ Gillett told me,” Evans writes. “This has implications beyond iPad, 75 percent of employees will choose a Mac if they get the chance to choose.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally, Apple wins the battle for enterprise hearts and minds! Top-tier talent wants top-tier computing devices.

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