Signs point to an update to Final Cut Pro X in October – new Mac Pro, too?

“There are rumours spreading about a big upgrade to Final Cut Pro X and it could be in October and maybe involved with a New MacPro,” LearnFinalCut reports. “Indications are that features of macOS Sierra (10.12) will allow new internals for Final Cut Pro.”

“Maybe the FCPX Creative Summit 28-30 October will be a good time for Apple to announce or release a new MacPro and tie that with the new Operating system and an upgrade of FCPX,” LearnFinalCut reports. “Code in Mac OS X El Capitan hints that a new Mac Pro (one with 10 USB 3 ports) could arrive soon. The code that offers a hint that a new Mac Pro may be on its way is a reference to a new Mac that’s codenamed ‘AAPLJ95,1’ within El Capitan, according to Pike’s Universum.”

Apple's Mac Pro (released December 19, 2013 and never updated)
Apple’s Mac Pro (released December 19, 2013 and never updated)

LearnFinalCut reports, “The current Mac Pro is similarly codenamed ‘AAPLJ90,1’ so it’s plausible that the code refers to a new version of the professional-level workstation.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s hope we see both FCPX and a new Mac Pro (especially) by the end of October!

The Mac Pro is revolutionary, but Apple could really stand to, you know, update the thing once and awhile. Not doing so makes it look like Apple regards professional Mac users as an afterthought. Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget… Read more in our full Take here. — MacDailyNews, November 27, 2015

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    1. I like your self-conscious use of the phrase “whiny complaints.” That perfectly encapsulates the situation with Apple and its Power Users, who lately have come to feel like second-class citizens in a grand nation they helped build, by George! — but at the same time realising they no longer move the needle all by themselves, and must resort to loyalty arguments, wheedling, and threats of defection to get what they want. The truth is, Apple has arrived at an economic pinnacle that isn’t dependent on expert users any more. We resent it, they hear it, but dollars wind up telling the final story.

      1. Is that you? That’s too much like the heard mentality.

        Dollars to the table? Pfffffffffffft fiddle sticks.
        Numbers to the table, massive numbers of pro users tot the table. Drum roll, eye roll, egg roll out the door.

        It’s quality at the table.

        Now if they could only make it hexagon…

        PS. Left you a note to your lovely post and yeah, I can cook and deliver breakfast…in bed.

      2. Exactly what I wanted to say, only phrased much more eloquently.

        We like to think that Apple is an emotional company, that they will not abandon their core fans that carried them through the darkness of the 90s (until Steve returned to turn the light back on), that they will reciprocate for the loyalty. I am becoming increasingly more and more skeptical.

        At least we have the best mobile devices in the world…

            1. “Who brought guns into this discussion???”

              Hey clueless, who are you posting to? Stupid question.

              “Did I miss something…?”

              The whole enchilada and the CORE POINT of my reply. Ummm, I think it’s called a back-handed compliment.

              But because you are a tedious twit at times and go off into the weeds on obtuse deflected angles and miss the POINT, fine — I take it back.

            2. This is a fine example of twisting and bending in order to explain away a personal insult and somehow make it righteous.

              I would have gracefully taken your compliment if it had been genuine, but you are clearly upset because you can’t refute plain and simple numbers, and this bothers you to no end.

              Look, America will continue to have a serious gun problem as long as there is NRA and their strongly motivated and exceptionally effective grassroots followers. Vast majority of Americans favour gun control (data available everywhere, even from NRA’s own sources). Yet, when a bill comes to a vote, senators and congressmen get overwhelmingly more calls against gun control than in favour. There is no political action group in America (or elsewhere in the world) more passionate or effective than the NRA.

              I really didn’t want to turn this into another gun-related point, but I too frequently get annoyed by the misguided, passionate gun fans who truly believe every paranoid, apocalyptic statement coming out of the NRA that if you allow for any possible gun control, they will take your guns away, and the country will descend into tyranny. It is remarkable how many educated and rather intelligent people have actually fallen for this absurd idea.

            3. Notice again how I refrained from using personal insults. As I said before, your message is much less effective if it contains profanity or 4-grade level of insults. Unless you are in 4th grade, you can do much better than that.

            4. Hey, I’m just a messenger! Data is there and speaks for itself.

              It is sad to see intelligent people simply plugging their ears going “La, la, la, la!” when they don’t like the facts (or simply making up their own).

              Look, I don’t argue political opinions; I simply present facts and numbers.

              Have fun with it!

            5. You are a master at presenting half-truth statistics that do not address the complete picture.

              Some from dubious PC academic studies.

              Nuff said.

      3. More self-deprecating too in that I tire of singing that same old song of woe. I think the next 6 months will tell the tale and dictate whether some pro users will go a different direction or not. I will for me

        Problem is if they give some pro users an excuse to leave by not giving them what they want, the existing pro market good with current Mac Pro’s might not be enough to sustain it. So they might kill it off simply as a result of “poor sales” when that wouldn’t be the real reason at all!

        So idiotic when you realize how little of Apple’s resources are needed to return to the tower form factor they seem to despise, as it is impervious to undesirable miniaturization running rampant and more welcome elsewhere in Apple devices – but an anathema for many pro uses.

      4. Excellent observations, as usual.

        Apple owner and user from the early 1980s, indeed, Apple has long neglected the PRO MARKET in a big way on several levels hard and soft — that certainly kept them alive during the destructive dark ages of Gil Amelio and Sculley cluelessness.

        What do they care? Rose Gold, fashionistas on the red carpet in exotic locales, custom watch bands in a variety of
        colors and textures and sitting on a mountain of cash atop the greatest company of all time.

        Yes, I feel ignored and greatly sleightly as a PRO user since the beginning of Apple time.

        But hey, where is my MacPro trashcan emoji to accompany this … 😥

        1. The sorrowful tune of abandonment has been playing on forums like this one for a long time. At first I was dismissive of the complaints, seeing only impatience and resistance to change. But I listened and learnt. The real problem is Apple secrecy. It gets in the way of the relationship between Apple and us. Silence breeds suspicion. There isn’t much trust left. Where is the love?

          It hasn’t done any good to write letters of entreaty to CEO Tim Cook; the terrible logic of mobile sales momentum overrules his heart. Perhaps his social activism is a sign of his penitence. If so, I’d like to suggest that he add forlorn pro users to his list of downtrodden minorities.

          1. “If so, I’d like to suggest that he add forlorn pro users to his list of downtrodden minorities.”


            Unfortunately, when it comes to present day Apple — I would not gamble the family farm … 🐎🐐🐓🐖🐄

  1. Let’s hope they move on from (or add a second PRO cube model to) the trash can model. If they keep that can and simply add a bunch of I/O ports then they are seriously clueless about what a large segment of their geek market wants.

    Sure, the geek segment is only a sliver in size of the other mac segments but…. Enough, I’m getting tired of saying it, just like I grew tired of saying they needed a smaller iPhone. I still think they can go smaller than the SE and find a market. I just bought an old Nokia 8310 to play with. Apple should explore something about that tall, a little wider and half the thickness. Many people will go for a very small iPhone, the same way some Mac users will like having a box they peer into every now and say, “Shazam! Look at all them blinking whirly gigs, chips and things. I think I got me a nuclear reactor!”

  2. It will be an iOS iCloud based Final Cut Pro X that will work on the iPad Pro exclusively (not iPad Air or Mini). Airplay will be used to use screen for second monitor. There will be two other ‘killer’ iPad Pro professional apps along side of it. I’m not sure which, although I have heard grumbling re Logic. OS X updates will be released along side.

  3. I don’t think Apple does things just to do them. I’ve never seen what it is a Mac Pro can’t do that is required now. It is a US-manufactured machine that seems to have the power and the connectivity to do what is needed. Did some new computing requirement happen between 2013 and now that requires a new design or is this just the Cult of Mac complaint that Apple has to always turn out life-changing ooh and ahh machines to keep those fascinated by tech specs happy? What can’t today’s Mac Pro do that requires a major update? And is there any money in it for the company?

  4. Certainly, no matter how small a business profit segment for Apple these days or how many years have passed since the garage launch — you owe PRO users for their unyielding devotion.

    The proverbial question (money), is how much is enough?

    Do the right thing … 🤗

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