“Just in time for Christmas, Apple has released a new Mac Pro with new hardware and a radically redesigned body,” David Pierce writes for The Verge. “With a starting price of $2,999, it’s the beginning of a new era for Apple, a careful bet on what professional users will want and need in the years to come. A lot of those bets have to do with 4K and the future of video, because that’s who this machine is for: people who make videos for a living.”

“The Pro is unlike anything the PC industry’s ever seen,” Pierce writes. “It’s probably best-looking when its spectacularly reflective case is slid off, revealing the device’s insides. It’s a sleek, cool-looking exoskeleton, but the Pro won’t even run without the case. It sucks air in through the slits in its base, and uses the case to disperse it around and cool the machine’s many components before blasting hot air out the top. It starts blowing as soon as you turn it on, and it runs remarkably quietly, though it can get quite warm when it’s really working.”

“The Mac Pro’s most impressive performance may be currently reserved for Final Cut Pro X, but it won’t be long before other apps catch up. If Apple’s guessed right and stays committed to its ideas, there’s almost certainly going to be a renewed interest in both the Thunderbolt ecosystem and in building and optimizing apps that take advantage of the device’s two GPUs,” Pierce writes. “Apple built the Pro not just to give developers the tools they want, but to encourage them to build other ones too — if they do, the Pro could quickly turn from subtle speed bump to an actual rethinking of what desktop PCs do and what we can do with them. Not to mention what it all looks like sitting on our desks.”

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