“Apple’s new Mac Pro is a stunningly fresh take on the desktop computer. But it’s probably not for you,” Dan Ackerman reports for CNET. “It breaks the decades-long tradition of putting desktop computer components in a rectangular box, whether a massive full tower of the kind that dominated offices and dens for many years, or a small cube such as Apple’s own Mac Mini.”

“When compared with the most recent professional-grade desktop Mac Pro, the difference is especially striking,” Ackerman reports. “espite offering the same or better components, the new version has an interior volume that’s about one tenth that of the big, boxy old Mac Pro desktop.”

Ackerman reports, “Seen side by side, the significance of this is easy to see.”

Apple's new Mac Pro (left) next to previous generation model.

Apple’s new Mac Pro (left) next to previous generation model. (photo: CNET)

“The idea being promulgated here is that your expandability should flow outward, not inward,” Ackerman reports. “If the lack of traditional internal expansion slots inside didn’t clue you in to that, the six Thunderbolt 2 ports plus four USB 3.0 ports on the connections panel should. And, as Thunderbolt devices can chain themselves together, that’s a total of 36 Thunderbolt devices one can hook up simultaneously.”

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