This year, Apple likely acquired mapping firm BroadMap and Evernote competitor Catch

“Apple has been on a roll this year in terms of acquisitions,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Cupertino firm acquired 15 companies this year, but only ten have been revealed.”

That list includes mapping companies such as Embark, chip makers like Passif, search specialists such as Cue and Topsy, and hardware companies such as PrimeSense,” Gurman reports. “Because only 10 of the 15 Apple acquisitions of 2013 have been revealed, we have been digging and asking around to find the few remaining Apple pickups.”

Gurman reports, “Based on evidence and chatter from sources, Apple seemingly acquired mapping firm BroadMap in the first half of this year and Evernote-competitor Catch within the last few months…”

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    1. Exactly!

      Your question is often asked by those who find the business of connecting the dots painful. But that is the topic that lead to the snickering at Google and Apple’s determination to find a needle in Cartesian haystack without Sergey’s help.

      I live in Cartesian space on the night shift and am hypersensitive about target acquisition, so in “my space” I see everything and nothing can hide because I am the center of my universe, like a jet pilot or a scout in the desert.

      But like most Apple consumers, we’re forced to catch connecting flights on the way to Apple’s planned minimalist utopia; a wall-garden of Eden where being in two-places at once is possible.

      Apple can’t offer you that experience yet, but with each acquisition comes another piece of the puzzle. As these pieces fall into place Apple is assured to keep everyone guessing.

      Obviously the author is passionate about this subject because he was probably a fan before Apple became one of BroadMap and Catch. That’s the lottery ticket of Technology; to be courted by a company of Apple’s caliber.

      The man Apple didn’t get was the founder and CEO of BroadMap, who will live to build another attractive property.

      That’s what.

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