“After months of seductive but release-vague pre-hype, Apple’s new top-of-the-line Mac Pro desktop computer has been unleashed on the unsuspecting Christmas-rush public without warning,” Matt Hill writes for T3. “While the masses hunt down those still-warm new iPad Airs for last-minute pressies, those in search of a power upgrade have something of their own to investigate.”

“Available to order now, this hugely ambitious overhaul of Apple’s high-end professional workstation comes armed with not just the expected seriously impressive specs but with an all-new exterior aesthetic that’s hard to ignore,” Hill writes. “Only 25cm in height, the new cylindrical Mac Pro is short but deceptively weighty, revealing in its 5kg heft what it’s packing in processing punch under the hood.”

“To the touch, it feels premium, its metal outer reassuringly pristine, but visually it’s a product built to be divisive,” Hill writes. “Our early images on our social networks lead to a variety of comparisons, from biscuit jars to coffee machines, but we’d argue it’s Apple’s most iconic design in years, part Harman Kardon Soundtsticks, part Darth Vader.”

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