“Apple just missed the perfect opportunity to update the two year-old new Mac Pro. A machine that still ships,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo writes for Architosh. “So Mac users need to get used to one obvious fact — something different is coming our way and we hope, and we hope, it returns back to the basics we crave.”

“With no announcement in Q1 and no hardware at all at this year’s WWDC, it is clear that one of two things is going to happen: [1] Apple will quietly exit the professional computer markets such as film and broadcast, architecture and engineering, 3d animation and special effects, photography and graphics, science and medicine, and audio and music production, et cetera, or [2] Apple will re-introduce a new type of professional Mac in a brand new architecture,” Frausto-Robledo writes. “We are crossing our fingers and praying that Apple doesn’t choose the first option.”

Apple's Mac Pro

Apple’s Mac Pro

“Apple needs to stop making signature, iconic machines aimed more for the Smithsonian Institute than for actual production uses and start learning their core pro markets and tailor the next pro desktop design to around those needs,” Frausto-Robledo writes. “Let’s hope no hardware at WWDC 2016 portends to something really great come this fall.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple.com’s current “Compare Mac models” link is shown below. Notice anything missing?

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Where’s the Mac Pro?