“Apple’s Mac Pro is aging fast, especially with screaming fast Windows desktops being announced in recent weeks,” Agam Shah reports for Digital Arts.

“Introduced in 2013, the Mac Pro was a top-of-the-line desktop at that time. It looked exquisite in its sleek cylindrical design, and it sported new features like Thunderbolt 2 ports, plus the latest CPUs, GPUs and NVMe storage,” Shah reports. “More importantly, it was a signal that Apple had not abandoned the professional computing market.”

“But the Mac Pro is again falling behind the competition, with powerful new workstations from Lenovo, Dell and HP carrying superior technology. The PC companies are waging an active campaign to tempt Mac Pro users, many of them creative professionals, to move over to Windows PCs with better CPUs, GPUs, and memory,” Shah reports. “The Mac Pro is still a fast machine, but creative professionals want the latest and greatest hardware, said Bob O’Donnell, principal analyst at Technalysis Research. ‘I compare it more to a low-end workstation,’ O’Donnell said… But patience has its virtues. If Apple hangs on before upgrading Mac Pro, some breakthrough technologies could put the desktop leagues ahead of its Windows rivals.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping WWDC delivers some Mac Pro goodness we’re sure developers and other pro Mac users would greatly appreciate.