Pocket-lint reviews Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro: The tablet to beat all tablets

“In the iPad Pro 9.7 Apple has created a tablet powerful enough to act as a laptop replacement,” Stuart Miles writes for Pocket-lint. “But it’s done so in a way that still feels very ‘iPad.'”

“For users keen to have a tablet for watching TV shows on the train, or surfing the web at home then the Air 2 is still a very good option,” Miles writes. “For those seeking extra power and controls, but concerned that the iPad Pro 12.9 is just too big, the 9.7-inch version is the perfect portable answer.”

“The iPad Pro 9.7 has a good screen, brilliant connectivity options, powerful performance, storage options to rival Apple’s Mac range, and solid accessories that enhance the offering, make it a viable laptop replacement,’ Miles writes. “That comes with a tighter typing experience compared to the larger Pro model, but we can handle that… as tablets go the iPad Pro 9.7 feels like the ultimate solution. It’s the tablet to beat all tablets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another excellent review for Apple’s powerful, compact iPad Pro.

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  1. I visited the Apple Store this past weekend. After playing with both Pro versions, I decided buying the 12.9. The 9.7″, which is the same size as the previous iPads just felt too small. So far, for what I need it for it replaces my MBP that I recently purchased a few months ago. I do not do anything with Photography or editing movies.

  2. Just got a 128MB Space Gray baby pro with the Pencil. I take lots of notes and my desk is covered in legal pads. With the pencil this is really a please and the handwriting looks great. Working with GoodNotes right now. This is my first iPad upgrade since buying the original model. Goodbye legal pads.

  3. If the 9.7″ is a “Pro”, then so is my Air 2.

    Gigantic RIPOFF… as I will never use the pencil or the cheaply made keyboard!

    Kept my Air 2 but picked up a barely used 12.9. Glad I did because the screen is amazing and you can’t go wrong with 4-GIGS of RAM.

    I just wish that greedy incompetent in Cupertino would’ve started storage for the 12.9″ at 64GB.

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