Demand for Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE continues to outstrip supply resulting in stock-outs, shipping delays

Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE “4-inch iPhone SE continues to see demand outstrip Apple’s available supply, with most stores completely out of stock and new orders advertised not to ship for a few weeks,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “As of Wednesday, the fastest a new iPhone SE will arrive from Apple in the U.S. is next Tuesday, April 12, and that’s just select models. Many models are unavailable until April 20, and that’s with paying extra for expedited shipping.”

“Virtually all models with all carriers out of stock at Apple’s retail stores as well,” Hughes reports. “In general, the $399 16-gigabyte iPhone SE models seem to have greater availability than the $499 64-gigabyte versions. For example, a rose gold 16-gigabyte model is advertised to arrive April 12, but switching to the 64-gigabyte model delays arrival to April 20-27 depending on shipping method with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and SIM-free.”

“Demand is also exceeding supply internationally. For example, in Hong Kong, the earliest a new delivery is advertised to arrive is April 16,” Hughes reports. “Pundits have speculated that emerging markets like China, India and Brazil are key target markets for the budget-priced iPhone SE.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We do not recommend the purchase of any 16GB iPhone. If you can, invest in an iPhone with higher storage capacity.

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    1. Without any numbers, stock analysts are just poking in the dark.

      However, it does not speak well of Apple’s forecasting if repeatedly, for product intro after product intro, Apple doesn’t have enough models in stock . It should have come as no surprise that a huge number of people wanted a new 4″ iPhone. Once again, the “supply chain genius” failed to ramp up to meet demand with a product that uses hardly any all-new parts. Everything should have been in place for a seamless transition to pump out SEs with volume to spare. Can anyone explain why Jobs typically served people camping out for products with enough units to let them leave the store with exactly what they wanted, whereas Cook absolutely never does?

    1. At the risk of repeating myself . . .

      The truth is that 110.00 is the new 134.00 for AAPL. Nothing Apple Inc can do will move this equity back to last year’s high: not share buybacks, not new products, not improved products, not products in development, not massive sales of existing products, not record profits–nothing. The predicted dividend increase this month seems to mean little to investors as well.

      Sadly, the new math for AAPL: Good news = bad news = SELL, SELL, SELL!

    1. Yup, they hated the idea of a new four inch phone. Many people, myself included, love idea of a new spec, perfectly hand holdable, single hand usable, pocketable phone. I will be getting one to replace my 5S.

    2. I also remember the hostility in the MDM takes towards smaller iPhones since the larger ones were first rumoured. I have always argued in favour of a smaller iPhone as being one of the options and have given my reasons, which have been consistent for many years.

      There is an unfortunate tendency amongst tech people to assume that whatever solution works for them is the only solution for everybody else. In reality, we all have different requirements and what works for me might not work for you. That doesn’t mean that i’m right and you’re wrong, it just means that we have different priorities.

      Today MDN states that a 16G is not a good idea. However I know somebody who buys phones for his company to issue to staff and he is raving about the 16G SE. He doesn’t give a damn about storing movies, pictures and music on it and would prefer that staff didn’t do that on company phones. What he likes is the affordable price, rugged build, high performance, sophisticated operating system, great ecosystem and a proven design with components that will still be useable well into the future. As far as he is concerned, it’s a perfect iPhone to issue to the staff. I don’t think that his reasoning is likely to be unusual and I’m sure that other companies will be buying lots of these iPhones.

      Having said that, I have ordered an iPhone SE 64G and for practically none of the reasons that he likes them. I do want the extra storage and really need the small size ( which is the only aspect that he isn’t fussed about one way or the other ). I also need the speed and longer battery life and the quality of the camera is very important for me.

  1. All the articles I’ve seen about the iPhone SE use the words tepid, lackluster and uninspiring about sales. Only one Apple site thinks sales are doing well. Because the stock is falling I would think that sales are considered doing poorly for the iPhone SE. Not that it really matters. Apple stock isn’t likely to gain value this year even if iPhone sales meet lowered expectations. The “peak iPhone” conviction is solidly in place. Apple has dug itself into a rut.

  2. Ordered day 1 SE – 64GB – arrived this past Monday. Ordered it simless so I swapped my sim from my 5s. restored from backup and all is well.

    wife’s iphone 5 was having battery problems, I even swapped out the battery myself – still problems (would get maybe 8 hours out of a charge and she is a very low user). “upgraded” her to my old 5s – swapped sims and she’s up and running and loving her ‘new phone’….

    I personally didn’t like the size of the 6 and definitely not the 6s for me. I like the compact size.

  3. This phone and pricing are a master stroke and one of 2016’s most important tech stories. Apple is expanding their ecosystem by offering a great iPhone at a mid-range price point. For this price the consumer gets many newer parts, including the latest iPhone processor and camera, timely operating system fixes and updates, the best security in the business, a vast ecosystem of computers, tablets and software to seamlessly connect with, and superb customer service to answer any questions. This new iPhone will greatly increase Apple’s base by convincing many dissatisfied Android users and feature phone holdouts to make the switch. It will also satisfy many who perfer a smaller smartphone, and keep them engaged in the Apple ecosystem. The SE story is as big as when Apple introduced larger iPhones in 2014.

  4. I was lucky to land a gold 64gb SE at the Verizon store. When I first went in they only had a few 16gb models. The next day they received a shipment that included ONE (1) gold 64gb, which i gladly took.

    I have no idea what the demand was at that store for the SE but I can tell you they sure don’t have the stock, nor is there any stock at the Apple stores or other Verizon stores in a 100 miles of Ann Arbor. Maybe they will in a few weeks, but right now they only had the gold and rose 16gb models and nothing in the 64gb, regardless of color.

    I consider myself lucky. The phone is a great performer, really seems to keep its charge and equally important, fits perfectly in my front pocket.

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