“The present age offers increasing threats to data and individual privacy,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. “If Apple moves away from Intel on its Macs, future Macs can offer a much more secure enclave for users.”

“‘It was only a matter of time before Apple made the move to put their own processors on their desktops,’ says Paul Norris, senior systems engineer for EMEA at cybersecurity firm Tripwire,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Norris argues not only has Apple been successfully designing central processing units (CPUs) for their iOS devices for years, but by doing so they offer ‘a secure enclave between operating system and hardware.'”

“This move is likely about hardening security on Apple platforms and across their ecosystems,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Norris makes the point in a private communication to Architosh that Apple has tremendous depth, expertise, and years of experience developing CPUs. ‘As Apple is not new to developing microprocessors, consumers should welcome this news.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is, of course, welcome news. Apple will control another primary technology and they will be able to make moves on their own terms, not be shackled to Intel’s roadmap.

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