“If you’re going to charge more, you have to offer more. Apple wants to promote a vision of engaged, creative education in American schools,” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine. “Our schools just aren’t ready for it.”

“Apple doesn’t want to compete with Google’s Chromebooks on price. Its $299 iPads are really at least $450 when you include a keyboard case and stylus,” Segan writes. “To reverse Google’s takeover of the education market, Apple will have to sell America’s struggling, underfunded schools on its vision of a more creative education.”

“Chromebooks are very good at filling out forms, searching the web, and running quizzes,” Segan writes. “Apple’s kind of creative learning keeps kids compelled, and teaches a much broader range of thinking than writing reports and filling out web forms. Because it isn’t always teaching to a test, it doesn’t always result in higher scores on the specific, bubble-form standardized tests we use to measure progress. Rather, it encourages problem-solving, adaptation, and flexible learning skills.”

“These skills will be critically important in the 21st century job market,” Segan writes. “Unfortunately, the American school system is about delivering the best possible standardized test scores for the lowest possible budget. Yes, there are creative and bravely entrepreneurial schools out there, mostly expensive private schools or schools in well-off suburbs. In those places, teachers have freedom and schools have budgets. Many of them probably already have iPads.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup. As we wrote earlier today, “Children educated Apple’s way have a better chance of being hired than those “educated” Google’s way. Plus, they get to keep their privacy, which is a nice bonus.”

As usual, it’s an IQ test writ large. The best-managed schools will have Macs and iPads and the lesser, poorly-managed schools will make bad decisions like settling for cheap test-taking machines and consigning their students and teachers to inferior educational experiences.MacDailyNews, March 27, 2018

Seeking Creative Candidates: Hiring for the Future - infographic video from CreateEDU TV on Vimeo.

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