“Apple may already be executing a plan that may, surprisingly, put Android into second place amongst operating systems globally,” DoctoRx writes for Seeking Alpha. “If so, there would be immense profit gains for AAPL above Street expectations.”

“Steve Jobs and Apple considered Windows a stolen product,” DoctoRx writes. “Then came Android, another ‘stolen product.’ The finger was pointed at Alphabet’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt, who was simultaneously a director of AAPL when Google changed its development path of its phone operating system. The change was reportedly from a keyboard-based device and system with a small screen that mimicked Blackberry to one that was a touchscreen-sensitive, iPhone-like one.”

“Apple does not forget, may not forgive, and just might enjoy revenge served cold,” DoctoRx writes. “According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartphone revenues hit an all-time high of US$120 billion during the fourth quarter of 2017. Apple captured a record 51 percent global smartphone revenue share, accounting for more than the rest of the entire industry combined.”

“The ecosystem of the Watch and AirPods can differentiate the iPhone and thus drive sales. Apple has ‘done it again’ with both devices. The Apple Watch is so successful that in less than three years since reaching market, not just one but two industries are shrinking badly. One industry is basic wristwatches, which themselves were innovations many decades ago, replacing large timepieces (watches attached to clothing via fobs etc.). This industry has now gotten sick. The other industry that the Watch is disrupting is everyone else’s digital wrist device. Fitbit, we hardly knew ye!” DoctoRx writes. “I believe that along with the Watch, [AirPods] can help drive people in significant numbers to iPhones.”

“Apple now has a double advantage in the smartphone war,” DoctoRx writes. “First, it is forcing even best-in-class Android devices to compete with AAPL’s next-best line, the 8 series, while AAPL greets the future with the X and the next, improved version of the X. Second, only Apple offers best-in-class wearables that work seamlessly with its smartphone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And with clear leadership in augmented reality, significant enterprise gains, and the prospect of owning MicroLED for the foreseeable future, among many other advantages (security, privacy, ease-of-use, Continuity, industrial design, etc.), the sky’s the limit for Apple!

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