“Apple’s HomePod is set to arrive sometime in ‘early 2018’ after missing its promised December ship date,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “Based on Apple’s definition of ‘early’ in the year, we can expect HomePod to go on sale any day between now and the end of April.”

“Combine the delay with new competitors and the challenge is only amplified: lower prices, wider compatibility, and a late entry to the market will make the $349 Siri-enabled speaker a tougher sell for Apple without a refocused pitch,” Hall writes. “HomePod was initially pitched as a home speaker with both premium audio output for playing Apple Music and access to Siri for smart assistant needs — all in a single device for the first time… [But, now] you can combine any Sonos speaker with any Amazon Echo product for hi-fi music playback controlled by voice though. For example, you can buy the $249 Sonos Play:3 and the $50 Amazon Echo Dot and have the very product Apple showed on stage in June for $50 less than the price of HomePod.”

“Want a more premium audio experience than HomePod even promises to offer? Sonos Play:5, a $500 wireless speaker, paired with an Amazon Echo Dot is probably your best solution; Apple doesn’t yet offer a smart speaker that promises to compete with the Play:5’s audio quality,” Hall writes. “Apple can refresh its messaging without changing what HomePod does. Dropping the price before actually shipping wouldn’t hurt. $349 to $329 or $299 wouldn’t make a huge difference to consumers, but it might send the message that Apple gets we’re not in June 2017 anymore and there are compelling options with more appealing prices on the market today. Even without touching the price, there are ways Apple could pitch HomePod that make it more compelling than a smart speaker that rocks the house…”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple had a lot of work to do if they wanted HomePod to be successful last year. They have a lot more work to do now.

Tick-tock, Apple. Real artists ship.

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