How to sell your old iPhone or iPad

“Maybe you got a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Cult of Mac. “And now you must deal with offloading your old device. (Thanks a lot, Santa.)”

“You can give away your old iPhone, or sell it, but before you do either of those you need to do a little prep work,” Sorrel writes. “There are many ways to sell a used iPhone or iPad. The best way to do it comes down to your preferences, and to the most popular marketplace in your town or country. But a few basic tips apply to all sales, no matter how or where you advertise the iPhone or iPad you want to turn into cash.”

Sorrel writes, “If you want to spend the time to sell your device directly to a regular person, you need to get a feel for what kind of price the market will bear.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Private sales will get you the most (eBay, Craigslist, etc.), but require more effort and/or worry while the trade-in services (Apple, Gazelle, NextWorth, etc.) are pretty much headache free. In exchange for ease of use and piece of mind, you’ll get lower prices for your devices with trade-in services.


  1. I sell my iPhone every year on E-Bay…so easy….especially when every year, my year old phone is indistinguishable from New! The bonus you get is at least $100 than you’d get from trade in services….

  2. Have sold probably 6 devices from Macbooks, a Mini and 2 iphones on Gazelle, its about as trouble free as it can get. Very professional.

    Nothing ever on Craigslist, buy or sell. I think it’s the single biggest source of small claims court cases, whether its computers, phones, cars, apartment and house rentals etc.

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