“Last week, I discussed the possibility of Apple’s next high-end phone going for more than $1,200, a rumor that’s been circling due to certain components being in limited supply,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “We’ve been hearing a lot of analysts recently talking about a potential delay, and more and more on the street are starting to discount the notion of a supercycle. With everyone waiting for Apple to finally deliver on a major smartphone upgrade, it may be fair to wonder if this year could mark a turning point.”

“We’re still a couple of weeks away from Apple’s earnings report, but the street is becoming more and more negative about the September quarter,” Maurer writes. “It’s still unclear when the next set of iPhones will launch, and if only two of the three rumored devices come in September it will push forward significant revenues to the December period.”

“With expectations now coming down for this year’s iPhone launch, one must wonder if this was Apple’s last chance to make a big splash,” Maurer writes. “Samsung is looking to recover from last year’s Note debacle, and Google is looking to increase market share from last year’s Pixel launch. Everyone has been waiting for Apple’s next big device to spark a massive supercycle of upgrades, so if not now, when?”

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MacDailyNews Take: The guidance we get for Q417 (holiday quarter) from Apple on August 1 will have factored in whether or not Apple is planning for the OLED iPhone to be late or not. As always, Apple’s guidance will tell the story.

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