Don’t expect to see Apple’s mixed reality headset at WWDC

Via Twitter, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says not to expect to see Apple’s mixed reality headset at WWDC next week as the company will want to keep the product under wraps prior to its early 2023 reveal / mid-2023 launch in order to thwart the inevitable flood of copycats.

Apple VR/AR headset concept by Antonio DeRosa
Apple VR/AR headset concept by Antonio DeRosa

Phillip Tracy for Gizmodo:

The reasons, it seems, are twofold. First, mass production of the “AR/MR” (augmented and mixed reality) headset won’t happen for some time, according to Kuo. So WWDC would be too early for a reveal. Moreover, should Apple debut its headset with full specs, it’d give competitors a blueprint for copycatting.

Kuo then casually adds that Apple will launch in “2023,” echoing analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, who similarly said the product will be delayed until early 2023.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the AR/VR headset won’t be mentioned at all. At some point, Apple will need to hype its mixed reality platforms, so developers feel compelled to build AR/VR apps and optimize their existing ones for a new platform. Another piece of the puzzle is iOS 16, which is expected to debut with several new AR/VR technologies. Moreover, software developers recently unearthed references to “realityOS” in App Store upload logs and GitHub repositories used by Apple, suggesting we could learn about Apple’s mixed-reality platform before any hardware debuts.

MacDailyNews Take: The changes augmented reality will usher in, led by privacy-focused and widely trusted Apple, will be significant and far-reaching. Hopefully, even without headset hardware, we’ll get some nice hints – developers have to get ready, after all – at WWDC next Monday!

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