This is the start of a whole new era for Apple augmented reality

Luke Dormehl for Cult of Mac:

Thanks to a trio of new augmented reality tools for iOS 13, and the very real possibility of an Apple AR headset on the horizon, 2019 promises to be the start of something truly special for Apple’s augmented reality efforts…

While AR games dominate the category, other demos are starting to emerge that showcase applications beyond gaming. Earlier this year, WWDC Scholar and Georgia Tech student Nicholas Grana showed off an ARKit iMac prototype. Simply scanning a keyboard magics up a virtual iMac screen for users to explore. While only a demo, it underlines just how powerful AR can be.

Similarly, mapping apps use AR to place contextual information onto real-world scenes. And that’s just the beginning. Consider, for instance, using ARKit to show visitors around an Airbnb rental. Or using AR in sportswear like swim goggles. With Apple devices growing ever more powerful, Apple software is paving the way for an AR revolution.

MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Glasses will be the key as holding up slabs of glass as “windows” is suboptimal. When we’re running in a race, for example, we don’t want to have to hold an iPhone or even glance at an Apple Watch, but with a pair of Apple Glasses constantly overlaying time, pace, splits, etc. it’ll be ideal!

The impact of augmented reality cannot be overstated. It will be a paradigm shift larger than the iPhone and the half-assed clones it begat. — MacDailyNews, August 4, 2017

Augmented Reality is going to change everything.MacDailyNews, July 21, 2017

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll look back at holding up slabs of metal and glass to access AR as unbelievably quaint. — MacDailyNews, July 28, 2017


  1. Just as relying in data retrieved by iPhone weakens one’s memory, so relying in AR for visual input will weaken one’s ability to negotiate real reality.

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