The importance of Apple’s WWDC

“Next week, all eyes will be on technology giant Apple as the company holds its annual worldwide developer’s conference,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “While this event has traditionally been one that is very technical in nature and focuses on the software behind Apple’s great products, there is also the chance that we see some hardware reveals.”

“The headlines from this event will be the brains behind this year’s upcoming set of devices. For instance, iOS 13 will get Dark Mode, allowing users to use the low-light mode on iPhones after the feature was very popular when it came to the Ma,” Maurer writes. “The iPads will get more multi-tasking features, while it is expected that watchOS 6 gets a major overhaul, including the addition of the App Store to the Apple Watch. Finally, one site is hoping to see a major AR-related announcement based on the build out of ARKit in recent years.”

“Expectations often get way too high for this event, especially on the hardware side. Ask 100 different people, and they’ll all expect some new device to be launched at this event, and that doesn’t always happen at WWDC, which leads to some disappointment,” Maurer writes. “This year, I haven’t heard as much product talk, which is a good thing.”

“Perhaps it it those high expectations that have made WWDC week one of, if not the worst, for Apple shares during this century,” Maurer writes. “There have been only two WWDC weeks where the stock ended up, and the 2014 rise may have just been investors piling in before the 7 for 1 split which was the following week. If you exclude that one off event, last year was the only positive week, with the average of those 16 declines being 3.86%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Maybe last year’s post-WWDC stock performance was the start of a new trend, they typed hopefully. 🙂

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