Why 492 out of 500 people at one company chose iPhone over Android

“A Redditor who goes by the name ‘jackharvest’ posted earlier this week in the Android subreddit to share an interesting story,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “He works in IT at an unnamed company, and his team noticed something crazy: of the 500 employees at the company, only 8 of them chose to use an Android phone. Everyone else — all 492 of them — chose an iPhone over Android phones.”

MacDailyNews Take: The only thing crazy about that are those eight pitifully deluded souls.

“The IT team was so intrigued that it decided to issue a survey to ask employees why they chose the iPhone over Android,” Epstein writes. “Nope, it wasn’t any of that. It was because they didn’t want to be “green bubbles,” a reference to the fact that iMessage chats in the iPhone’s Messages app use blue bubbles while SMS chats are displayed with green bubbles.”

MacDailyNews Take: Spewing horrid green bubbles all over Messages is tech-leprosy. Don’t be a tech-leper.

“Forget all of the great advantages iPhones might offer, iMessage is the main reason all these people wanted an iPhone,” Epstein writes. “98% of the employees at this company went with Apple over Android, and for half of them, it was mainly because of a single service.

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MacDailyNews Take: Eight obviously questionable hires identified!

So, here’s another example of why Apple never released Messages for Android, despite having it in the can, ready for release, for years now.


  1. … those eight are “at the top”? C-class executives?
    The rest were less concerned about what kind of phone or what features were available as they were rejecting said “green bubbles”.
    So much for “a better product” … from either.

  2. That’s just one isolated place. In reality, on a global scale, most people are overwhelmingly choosing Android smartphones over iPhones and it’s only getting worse. MDN says those who didn’t choose an iPhone are simply deluded or confused and that’s just foolish. I suppose it’s like all the people in the past who chose Windows PCs over Apple computers were said to be deluded or confused. No, those people bought what they could afford or what was easily available to them.

    It has always been Apple’s fault for not taking the initiative and not giving people a chance to easily choose Apple products. Apple had a huge smartphone advantage when the first iPhone came out and over time simply let Android smartphones become the dominant smartphone platform. If only Apple had made iPhones just a bit more affordable for consumers, Apple wouldn’t be in the so-called doomed mess it is now.

    I’m just sick of hearing about $1000 iPhones and how Apple is simply ripping off consumers with a product that is considered no better than some $600 Android flagship smartphone.

    Why is Apple no longer a trillion-dollar company? Because Apple can’t sell enough iPhones to consumers or enterprise users or whatever. Apple seems to be the company everyone says is in trouble for some reason or the other. Now there will be fewer iPhones sold in China and nearly no iPhones sold in India due to the high cost of iPhones.

    I’m an Apple shareholder and I’m now watching Apple toss away any chance of gaining even the slightest bit of market share after all these years and it just seems to be getting worse. Apple isn’t playing to win. They’re barely playing to stay even. It’s sickening how Apple just sits back and lets other companies just take away the smartphone market from them. Apple gets zero respect and I can understand why. Apple was supposed to be the 800 lb. gorilla in the room but has now become nothing more than an organ-grinder’s monkey. Amazon and Microsoft are now the powerhouse companies with Apple falling further and further behind and it didn’t have to be this way.

    Apple seems to be deluded or confused more than those consumers who choose Android smartphones over iPhones.

      1. If your opinion is that >80% of the world’s mobile phone population is comprised of morons, maybe you should help solve the problem by dedicating the rest of your career to the relatively thankless and underpaid teaching profession.

    1. Think about it. All those android users have their data taken, that’s the only way android makes economic sense. Further, most android users are hopelessly trapped in older less secure versions, cause no money or incentive by google to have people updated. That’s not a system I want to live in.

      1. FWIW, I’m also an Apple Shareholder and this trend has been disconcerting to me too – – and my APPL share on my watch list to potentially dump if it looks like they really are in a death spiral.

        And while it is all well and good to posture one’s self with the attitude that Apple is the best and they only deserve to cost more … the counterpoint to that is that when it comes to every other consumer product. Take automobiles for example: this approach means that our daily drivers should be a Porsche – – but if that is so, then then why isn’t it what everyone on MDN actually practicing what they preach by driving one?

    2. Yes, more people worldwide are buying Android, because that’s a different metric: here, the metric is examining customer preference is when there is no cost difference (because the employer is paying for the smartphone).

      The problem that Apple has is that in the larger market beyond merely the Enterprise, price matters, and consumers vote with their wallets. Apple’s decisions on where to price-position their products has consistently been done in a way which reduces their marketshares, which will invariably kill them.

    3. Had a bad day I presume. Some interesting and pertinent points and come I can agree with, but really the hyperbole is rediculous market share in and of itself does not make a trillion dollar company and certainly had no contribution to Apple becoming one. It’s far more complex and nuanced an affair and within that Cook does indeed have questions to answer but not chasing low value sales is not the major one by a long way for cheap to medium priced phones makes virtually no money for companies and none I believe outside China for obvious reasons. Had services been a higher priority a lot earlier such sales might have a higher indirect value and maybe over future years as those services now flourish but that is what will generate income and profit not selling cheap phones or cheap computers in itself. That would be a big fail for Apple to play that losing game.

  3. Jeez! So sell your stock and go buy a better investment.

    No, $1000 iPhones are not considered “no better” than $600 Android phones.
    Trillion… This is your definition of failure? Jogging up and down a bit in the range of a trillion dollar valuation?
    Dominant platform? Who cares? Do we REALLY have to repeat that marketshare is meaningless when most of the product is sold at bargain-basement prices?
    Doomed mess? More profitable than ALL OTHER PHONE COMPANIES put together. Get real!

    Etc. etc. Troll.

  4. “Nope, it wasn’t any of that. It was because they didn’t want to be “green bubbles,” a reference to the fact that iMessage chats in the iPhone’s Messages app use blue bubbles while SMS chats are displayed with green bubbles. Forget all of the great advantages iPhones might offer, iMessage is the main reason all these people wanted an iPhone. 98% of the employees at this company went with Apple over Android, and for the majority of them, it was mainly because of a single service.”


    1. Of course this was written by an Android fan boi so of course it will be trivialised like that. Anyone with half a brain however and a hint of objectivity would know such a claim is ludicrous, no such single factor would be that prevalent in such a competitive marketplace. But soothes the sensitive Android users hurt feelings I’m sure. Just wish they could be more adult about their little inability to be top dog all the time.

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