Huawei founder says he would protest Chinese government retaliation against Apple

“Huawei Technologies Co. founder Ren Zhengfei struck a defiant tone in the face of U.S. sanctions that threaten his company’s very survival,” Bloomberg News reports. “In an interview with Bloomberg Television, the billionaire founder of China’s largest technology company conceded that Trump administration export curbs will cut into a two-year lead Huawei had painstakingly built over rivals like Ericsson AB and Nokia Oyj. But the company will either ramp up its own chip supply or find alternatives to keep its edge in smartphones and 5G.”

“Last week, Trump said Huawei could become part of a U.S-Chinese trade deal, stirring speculation it was a bargaining chip in sensitive negotiations,” Bloomberg News reports. “But Ren said he wasn’t a politician. ‘It’s a big joke,’ he scoffed. ‘How are we related to China-U.S. trade?'”

MacDailyNews Take: Just how much of Apple’s IP and trade dress have you and the goggle (typo and it’s staying) of iPhone/iOS knockoff peddlers stolen over the past decade plus? It’s incalculable and the sort of thing that’s obviously integral to a China-U.S. trade deal.

“If Trump calls, ‘I will ignore him, then to whom can he negotiate with? If he calls me, I may not answer. But he doesn’t have my number,'” Bloomberg News reports. “In fact, Ren pulled no punches in going after a man he labeled ‘a great president’ just months prior. ‘I see his tweets and think it’s laughable because they’re self-contradictory,’ he quipped. ‘How did he become a master of the art of the deal?'”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not sure if that bit of, uh… diplomacy is a winning move in this game of chess.

“Ren said he would object to any such move against his American rival,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘That will not happen, first of all. And second of all, if that happens, I’ll be the first to protest,’ Ren said in the interview. ‘Apple is my teacher, it’s in the lead. As a student, why go against my teacher? Never.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, at least he knows and admits that he’s an iPhone knockoff peddler. That’s more than many of them, including the South Korean dishwasher maker, can manage to muster.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s nice to know that Zhengfei would protest Chinese government retaliation against Apple (today, at least). Not that it would matter a whit if he did.

The bottom line remains the same as it ever was: People who buy Android phones reward thieves.

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  1. For all practical purposes, Huawei run and controlled by communist China. Business is business. Politics is politics. And espionage is espionage. Raise your hand if you think communist China… uh um… Huawei is really going to “support” Apple… crickets… It is all PR!

    1. Apple & other companies embraced China because of GREED. Billions in profits, with CEO’s getting astronomical compensation. And in the process they created an economic Frankenstein who is not content being a junior partner assembling products. He has turned on his creators and is now trying to devour them.

      President “bone spurs” will soon realize its not wise to challenge your banker.

      1. Sadly spot on.Been saying that for over ten years when no one in power considered such views palatable to their narrow idea of economic expansion on the coat tails of supposedly bringing China into the fold to our own benefit. In reality all they did was let loose an expansionist powerhouse from a failing self indulgent Communist monolith. Worse still a centrally controlled privately owned suedo capitalist giant increasingly taking to National Socialist approach to an expansionist empire. That’s the real transformation we initiated in China and we are now seeing the short sightedness of that policy.

  2. Sounds like a game of “Good Cop, Bad Cop” with the Chinese. “See not all of us are bad, we are just criminal copiers acknowledging our “teachers” without whom we’d still be working in the rice paddies like these other poor slobs.”

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