Samsung Galaxy Fold display issues emerge immediately

“On Monday, Samsung officially let the press handle the Galaxy Fold after it was shown off in a tightly controlled demo in February,” Abner Li reports for 9to5Google. “Just two days later, the first review units are encountering multiple issues all focused on the foldable display.”

“Over the past hour, journalists from The Verge, Bloomberg, and CNBC all shared issues they encountered with the Galaxy Fold review units they received on Monday,” Li reports. “According to Dieter Bohn, a small ‘bulge’ appeared on the crease of the Galaxy Fold that’s ‘enough to slightly distort the screen.’ Besides being able to feel the lump, there are ‘telltale lines of a broken OLED’ after just normal usage by The Verge.”

“Steve Kovach at CNBC shared a video of the screen flickering on and off until the left panel just stopped working,” Li reports. “his also comes as Samsung sold out the nearly $2,000 device online in just a day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shocking. A South Korean dishwasher maker whose sole claim to smartphone fame is knocking off Apple’s iPhone and skinning privacy-trampling Google’s Fragmandroid to make it kinda-sorta look like iOS, face-plants fantastically without having Apple’s industrial design to copy? How could this possibly have happened?

The Samsung Galaxy Crease. Yet more pre-alpha garbage peddled to the ignorant by a South Korean dishwasher maker.MacDailyNews, March 21, 2019

As with fingerprint and facial recognition, when Apple debuts a foldable iPhone, then foldable smartphones will have been done right. — MacDailyNews, January 17, 2019

We’ll see a mess of weird attempts before Apple shows how it’s to be done, as usual.MacDailyNews, January 23, 2019

If and when Apple debuts a foldable iPhone, they’ll be showing the world how it should be done and what to copy going forward. As usual.MacDailyNews, February 27, 2019

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  1. I don’t want to sneer here – it takes guts to release a crazy product like this – the sad thing the Huawei version is considered by many to the be the far superior design. This product wasn’t even hotly anticipated and they get these kind of strange issues. I seriously hope this is something that can be fixed – or the company will be much more conservative in future :/

  2. This is hardly a surprise, I don’t know why Sammy gave anyone in the press one of these, they had to know from their own testing that this exact thing would happen or are they crossing their fingers and hope several units will survive more than a couple days without these exact predictable symptoms happening.

    I hope Apple never never tries to, or makes a foldable screen. Maybe a rollup screen is a better way to go..

  3. How many nimrod analysts were on Fox Business and CNBC, the day this vaporware junk was announced, singing the praises of Samsung while lecturing that Apple needed to “innovate more”?

  4. Samsung should wait for Apple developing first then copy, Just modify a bit different then claim its own innovations. it’s easy and simple that way. No losing face, no headaches. Just copy, plain and simple.

    1. It must be much harder, much much harder, to test products than I think. In my simple mind, you give them out to employees and tell them to be rough. Mistreat it the way users will. You would think that after a few months of testing you know this kind of stuff. But it happens to Apple as well. I clearly have no idea how difficult this is.

  5. If it was Apple. AAPL would have lost 15 points today. Apple should just make a big ass retina display that can be used in different ways than an iPhone. If they sell their flagship phone for $999, they could sell this other device for 500 to 799 and it would still be cheaper than the foldable trash by Samsung. They could call it an iPad.

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