Qualcomm CEO on Apple settlement: We’re not going to disclose how much the deal is worth

“A day after settling a multibillion-dollar battle with Apple, Qualcomm’s CEO told CNBC he looks forward to working with the iPhone maker, but he would not disclose how much Apple agreed to pay,” Lauren Feiner reports for CNBC. “‘The reality is two great product companies, it’s a natural position for them to work together and want to work together,’ Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said.”

“Mollenkopf said the company will not disclose the payment Apple agreed to in the settlement,” Feiner reports. “Following the announcement of the settlement on Tuesday, Qualcomm said it expects incremental earnings per share of $2 as product shipments ramp and it starts providing 5G chips to Apple.”

“Despite the bitter legal dispute, Mollenkopf said Qualcomm and Apple are now focused on their products and working together,” Feiner reports. “‘The energy of the companies right now is let’s figure out how to ramp up as quickly as possible,’ Mollenkopf said. ‘That’s where the focus is, that’s what we are excited about.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, like charging mats apparently, modems are hard (and/or patented up the wazoo). As a result, Apple’s climbed back in bed with the devil for the time being.

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  1. They don’t need to disclose it their bank account will show at Apple took it up the ass! Likely deserved it too. Apple never said I should’ve signed an agreement they didn’t agree with.

    1. I do think that the amount will eventually come out as analysts dig through the next quarterly financial reports for both companies and estimates will be made and publicized. I’m also sure the the terms of the agreement likely stipulated that neither party would talk about the specific terms. All that being said, Qualcom’s lack of confidence/boasting about the settlement now makes me think that maybe Apple got a pound of flesh out of them. You might not be correct about Apple taking it up the ass after all (my initial presumption was the same as yours though). Only time will illuminate though.

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