“AirPower is not your stereotypical screwup. It’s something far grander. Never in history has Apple announced a product, gone silent about it for 18 months, and then killed it before it ever shipped,” Ken Segall writes for The Observatory. “At least it proves that Apple can be a true innovator in the area of self-immolation.”

“‘Freedom to fail’ is actually a liberating thing, essential to the Apple culture,” Segall writes. “Unfortunately, AirPower isn’t the ‘liberating’ kind of failure. It’s just shocking and sad. Bad planning? Bad vision? Bad strategy? Bad engineering? I don’t know exactly what to call it, but I’m pretty sure it starts with the word ‘bad.'”

“Even Apple’s statement about the end of AirPower was a failure. For some reason, Tim Cook let it fall to Senior VP Dan Riccio, whose emailed explanation concluded, ‘“the future is wireless and we are committed to push the wireless experience forward,'” Segall writes. “A limp defense from a company that just failed so publicly to push the wireless experience forward.”

“Naively, I expect Apple-level engineers to have a pretty good grasp of what is possible and what is not—and to have that grasp long before Tim Cook goes onstage to announce the product,” Segall writes. “If the engineers had their reckoning with the laws of physics a bit sooner, Apple wouldn’t be shipping those wonderful new AirPods in a box that shows off the amazing new AirPower. (A little icing on this cake of embarrassment.)”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the AirPower fiasco, as Segall rightly describes it, is a wakeup call that reverberates throughout Apple, shaking out some dead wood the process.

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