Apple still has a lot to prove with its new subscription services: It promised, now it has to deliver

“I knew Apple had lost me when the lights came up from total darkness for what felt like the 10th time to reveal Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard,” Dieter Bohn reports for The Verge. “I knew the drill by the time they showed up: instead of actually showing something at an event called “It’s Show Time,” the actors would describe their TV show.”

“But because the TV show was about a post-apocalyptic world where everybody has gone blind, Momoa said, ‘Please close your eyes. Just for a moment. Just close them. I want you to experience something. Try to think about the world this way,'” Bohn reports. “Though nobody intended it, closing your eyes and imagining a future world was an apt metaphor for nearly all of Apple’s announcements.”

“Why didn’t Apple wait until it had more to release, or at least more to show? It made for a strange vibe at the end of the keynote. The closest thing I can find to a consensus on Apple’s event is that it was ‘weird,'” Bohn reports. “So I have an honest question: why hold the event this week, before everything was ready?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple promised, now it has to deliver. You know, unlike AirPower.

We have one more question:

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  1. “Disney+” Disney’s forthcoming streaming service. Apple should buy DIsney (and gain Fox, Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm, and Disney films) and be done with it.

  2. When Momoa asked everyone in the room to close their eyes and imagine what the shows gonna be like, I thought it was a little insensitive but still… goosebumps.. phew!

  3. I watched the whole overly-produced thing. Closing one’s eyes was, well, cultish in a bad way, not in a good way. And it was also reminiscent of an encounter group which should not have been so.

    While Cook wants you to close your eyes to imagine stuff, Jobs would have you keep your eyes firmly open to see actual new stuff.

    Now, critics might say that my comment misses the point. No. The point is that Jobs would have taken steps to disincentivize me from seeing the flaw. That’s how good, visionary, and preventative PR would work.

  4. I say give it a break and stop the whining..
    Its nnounced and it will be out soon.

    Just because Apple has delayed a couple promises ( which happened numerous times at Steves time as well ), dont jump on the band wagon of negativity just because it may feel fashionable to you !

    Nauseating to see all this bogus complaining and negative rant.

  5. I still stand by my post from yesterday.
    “That special event was a joke. It was little more than an exhibition put forth to keep the stock holders at bay (of which I’m one). It was largely theater, see us, we’re doing some….. thingy.
    At this point in time it should be viewed as vapor ware, much like the super uber world changing wireless charging solution brought to you by Apple.
    this “This fall” approach to releasing anything new is pure B.S.
    “Real Artists Ship”…………….. “This Fall”

      1. Really, that’s a false equivalency. All Apple accomplished was to provide the competition an opportunity to react to their offerings months in advance. Oh, you can bet your kiester that they will.
        The lack of or the un-ability to launch immediately only serves to damage any market disruption or impact the offerings may have.

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