Apple’s iOS 12.1.4 is coming to fix the worst iPhone and iPad bug to date

“If you’re running iOS 12.1 or later on your iPhone, then the iOS 12.1.4 patch that’s coming next week is a must-have because it patches what the worst iOS bug to hit iPhone and iPad users to date,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “According to Apple, this patch will land ‘next week.'”

“iOS 12.1.4 will fix a [Group] FaceTime bug that offered a way for another iPhone or iPad user to eavesdrop on another iOS user by activating a [Group] FaceTime call without the user’s consent,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “What made this bug all the worse is how trivial it was to implement. As is expected, this bug already resulted in at least one lawsuit.”

“Apple has now disable[d] Group FaceTime ability at the server end, putting a stop to this bug. However, this feature will remain disabled for all iOS users not running iOS 12.1.4 or later,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Keep an eye out for iOS 12.1.14, because it could land any time now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t know about “worst,” as we’ve had updates that have bricked iPhone models, but it’ll still be nice to have a secure Group FaceTime.

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  1. This glitch was no where near the worse. If the lame $$ obsessed people that tripped over it had been a touch patient, and let Apple work, instead of assuming that things happen overnight, chances are you would have never ever heard about the issue

  2. This is not a bug , it is a feature for the Government. How else are they going to spy on you? Truth be told, in order to do business in the US, a backdoor must be created for the Government? Dont listen to the BS they are flinging at you, they RE SPYING ON YOU.

  3. Maybe not the “worst” iOS bug to date but that really depends entirely on who you are and how you value privacy.
    Its probably the worst privacy breach in any tech product, ever anywhere. Pretty bad for a company that preaches privacy so much.
    Ah to be a fly on the wall in the developer / team meeting at Apple where this was first revealed and discussed. And the exec meeting where Cook etc were present and 1st learned about it. I wonder what happens to people (devs, testers and their leaders etc) at Apple who let this magnitude of bug slip by?

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