An enterprise take on Apple’s ‘Project Marzipan’

“We will learn much more about Apple’s Marzipan initiative that enables iOS apps to run on Macs at WWDC 2019,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Meanwhile, here’s a quick catch-up on what we know so far and some probably implications for enterprise IT.”

“With Mojave now on millions of Macs, lots of us are already using the first four iOS apps to be liberated to run on the Mac: News, Home, Stocks… [and] Voice Memos,” Evans writes. “The apps aren’t the be all and end all of Apple’s Marzipan initiative, which goes much further and includes development of new cross-platform design-libraries developers can use in order to build apps capable of running on both Mac and iOS platforms.”

“I fully expect the next generation of Marzipan apps (and the first generation of iOS/Mac Marzipan apps built by developers outside of Apple) to be much more Mac-like in their design and behaviour,” Evans writes. “This is a long-term project and implementation will improve rapidly.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, from rocky beginnings, things will quickly smooth out and iOS apps ported to macOS will begin to feel natural and work as if they were made for the Mac!

Our excitement for WWDC 2019 keeps ratcheting up!

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  1. True to form, I assume Mr. Cook will ensure the complete library of emojis and vid-emojis gets ported. As a visionary, he will know they will soon have a critical place in the enterprise sector.

  2. iOS app I most want to see on the Mac: AppleTV remote. Sometimes when I’m working on my laptop, I just don’t want reach for a remote when I’ve already got a device in hand.

  3. The iOS app I most want on the Mac.



    after all this time that iOS has been out I still have not changed my opinion that aside from a few practical apps like weather, maps, a couple of hundred specialized simple interface apps (and I do like them) that the most significant purpose of iOS is for entertainment delivery.

    To do real work, still on my Mac after all these years

  4. I do not believe the end goal of Project Marzipan is about getting iOS apps running on MacOS.

    I do believe it’s ultimately about getting MacOS running on custom Apple silicon.

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