Amazon briefly becomes most valuable company

“ briefly became the most valuable company on Wall Street in intraday trade on Monday, days after Microsoft Corp dethroned long-time leader Apple Inc,” Noel Randewich reports for Reuters. “Amazon rose as much as 4.7 percent, putting its market capitalization at $865.0 billion. Apple traded up 2.1 percent, giving it a market capitalization of $864.8 billion.”

“Microsoft, which on Friday closed above Apple’s market capitalization for the first time in eight years, was up 0.9 percent, leaving its stock market value at $859.0 billion, third in the group,” Randewich reports. “Apple in August became the first U.S. publicly-listed company to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization, but its share price has fallen sharply in recent months as investors worried that demand for iPhones was losing steam.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only “investors” who are worried that demand for iPhones is losing steam are those who are led by the nose by so-called analysts who are in the midst of pitching a $300+ billion hissy fit over losing their precious-yet-ultimately-meaningless iPhone unit sales numbers.

Smart investors are accumulating during this deep discount sale.

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  1. I dont agree with MDN as we all would love to see HUGE iphone sales increases, but we didn’t. Not saying we wont in the future if Apple gets off their ass and opens up markets, But I’m not in the business of letting Tim Cook off the hook. Amazon is kicking ass and they in tech areas that Apple could have owned. CLOUD? Movies and Music? Content? Alexa?
    When’s the last time we heard about Apples “book store”? What did Jimmy Iovine do at Itunes? Nothing. What a joke.

    1. Right on. Cook has coasted for over 7 years making overpriced underperforming imitations of what other companies have done.

      From the outside it looks like Apple puts more manpower into emoji development than anything else. The personal computer hardware and software are badly lacking. New releases are notable not for what makes it dramatically better than the competitors but rather what is missing at Apple’s extremely proud price points. iPhone lineup is an overpriced mess, entirely dependent on Sammy and Qualcom and Foxconn to release.

      If it wasn’t for skimming 30% from independent companies’ work in app sales Apple would be considered a laggard. None, not one, software program Apple creates is considered class leading. Everything is minimalist “good enough” performance at fashion premium pricing. The loyalty if getting superior product with superior value is gone. As many have identified, Apple has become a one trick pony. Apple is only worth what its ios wall is worth. When the security breach happens, and it will, i think i will have moved on to a much more diverse set of computing suppliers. I won’t be the last to leave either— former power Mac users are long gone.

  2. What has Pipeline done at Apple? Nothing.

    What has Phil Shiller done at Apple? Nothing.

    What has Eddy Fucking Cue done at Apple? Nothing.

    There’s a reason why other tech companies are leading in new exciting technology like cloud, etc. And that is because they are not run by a feckless leader such as Pipeline, who surrounds himself with fat, lazy sycophantic morons.

  3. MDN take on this is really stupid. They ignoring all the other aspects of Apple that are taking a hit.

    The biggest problem is that pipeline has ignore most of the other products in the portfolio.

    Pipeline is shooting himself by just increasing prices to hide his monumental mistakes. I mean really any CEO that doesn’t update one of it’s flagship products for 4 years and keeps the price the same for those 4 years, while users jump ship to windows, well that guy should be fired.

    The upcoming earbuds at $200 a pop will be a disaster if the price point rumors are correct. Pipeline can’t price rise his way out of the mess he created.

    1. Pipeline is forced to raise prices in order to “simulate” growth because that’s all he has. There’s no innovation left at Apple. None. Look how long it is taking for a new Mac Pro to appear. YEARS! Would a competent company take years to make a freakin’ expandable desktop computer? No.

      That’s Pipeline’s fault.

      Would a competent company announce a product (AirPower) and then never have it appear, even a year later? No.

      That’s Pipeline’s fault.

      Would a competent company ignore a product like the Mac Mini for FOUR years, then finally upgrade it, only to have it ripped hard by an industry leading tech web site (Ars Technica) because it is nothing but full of inexplicable compromises and way over priced? No.

      That’s Pipeline’s fault.

      The list is endless.

      That is why investors have pummled AAPL to the tune of -$64/share the past month.

      The last earnings call exposed Pipeline for the complete and total fraud that he is.

      Pipeline’s executive staff have been exposed for the complete and total frauds that they are.

      Investors have moved on to places where innovation is part of the DNA of the corporate culture. No one with a brain thinks that Apple’s DNA contains one whit of innovation.

      That is all Pipeline’s fault.

      It was Steve Ballmer’s fault at Microsoft.

      It’s Pipeline’s fault at Apple.

  4. It seems in Japan Amazon will be starting a cyber-sales week this Friday. Same day delivery is country-wide so it’s going to be a nice boost for sales after their Cyber-Monday in the States. Then it’s all the Christmas related sales Amazon will be making for a few weeks. If anything, it appears AMZN has a bright outlook for at least the next month or so.

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