“When it comes to Apple, up is down and down is up. For some time now, analysts and tech pundits have demonstrated an uncanny ability to view encouraging news about the company through a pessimistic lens. What’s more, it remains mind-boggling that these same people — who are tasked with keeping a closer eye on Apple than anyone else — continuously glance over important metrics while issuing reports that lack even a semblance of nuance or relevant context,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “Nowhere was this dynamic more apparent than in the investor backlash Apple received after recently announcing it would no longer release quarterly unit sales for the iPhone, the Mac, and the iPad.”

“Apple has been doing exactly what analysts and industry observers have been demanding for years: preparing for a world without [short] iPhone refresh cycles,” Heisler writes. “Analysts and pundits over the past few years lambasted Apple for not having a post-iPhone succession plan. Now, in 2018, Apple has demonstrated that it can not only survive amid flat iPhone sales, but actually thrive. The numbers simply don’t lie.”

“Shouldn’t this be viewed as a positive rather than a negative? The reality is that Apple today is more well-rounded a company than it was a few years ago. And yet, analysts are still enamored with iPhone unit sales exclusively because it gives them an easy, and arguably lazy and outdated, way to measure the state of Apple’s business,” Heisler writes. “Faced with longer refresh cycles, pundits have for quite some while said that Apple is too reliant on the iPhone and that it needs to find new revenue streams or, at the very least, generate more revenue per iPhone unit sold, Without exaggeration, Apple has done exactly that, and now these same pundits and analysts are all of a sudden becoming hyper focused on iPhone unit sales. Per usual, Apple is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, hypocrisy doesn’t matter when there’s stock price manipulation to be done!

As we just wrote:

In fiscal year 2018, Apple’s revenue grew over $36 billion to $265.6 billion. For the current quarter, Apple has guided for revenue between $89 billion and $93 billion, a new all-time record. (That’s revenue of roughly $1 billion — with a “B” — per day.)

When analysts learn to see without the unit share blinders Apple has just removed, hopefully their eyes won’t pop out of their heads when they finally see those huge numbers and realize how very much more is to come.

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