The Good Life: What a difference an Apple iPad can make

“The smartphones in our family have been hiccupping with rings and hang-up calls for weeks, and Greg is grinning,” Denny Bonavita writes for The Post-Journal. “My son Greg, now age 41, has Down syndrome… If Greg wanted to call any of us via phone, he needed the aid of a group home staff member.”

“That all changed a month ago,” Bonavita writes. “We got Greg an iPad for his 41st birthday.”

“The iPad lets Greg make video-and-audio calls without using a telephone,” Bonavita writes. “Greg does not need to memorize numbers or read lists; he just looks for photos, and then pushes a ‘call’ button… This guy, whose genetic abnormality was once thought to cap his learning ability at the kindergarten level, is becoming adept at computer/information age technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s accessible iPad and FaceTime deliver yet again!

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  1. A round of kudos to MacDailyNews to fight the urge to dwell on the repeated misspelling of iPad, etc. in the piece. Sometimes the meaning and sentiment of the story is so important that splitting hairs distracts from all of that. Now, when it’s some analyst writing Ipad or a tech journalist who ought to know better, continue to tear them a new gastrointestinal portal!

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