“While it doesn’t offer Siri (yet) you can already control your Mac using speech – you can even add more spoken word commands using Automator,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Enabling speech control in OS X Mavericks is easy. Apple offers this in System Preferences>Accessibility>Speakable Items,” Evans writes. “In Speakable Items in the Settings pane set Speakable Items to On, and calibrate your microphone. By default, Speakable Items requires you press a key (usually Esc) to make your Mac listen, but tick the ‘Listen continuously with keyword‘ button to make your Mac do just that. You’ll be asked to name the word and say how often it is required. For my keyword I used ‘Mac,’ but Macworld’s Lex Friedman uses ‘Siri.'”

Evans writes, “Your Mac is now continuously listening for your commands.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We’ve been using voice to control our Macs (in private offices) since the mid-1990s. How ’bout you?