Apple Watch will become critical to your identity at work, at home, and at play

“Siri Shortcuts, your Apple Watch, and various sensors and biometrics mean the wearable device will become critical to your identity, at work, at home, and at play,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

Apple has described the Apple Watch as its ‘most personal device ever,'” Evans writes. “That’s not just because it sits against your skin and you can purchase snazzy new watchbands for it; it’s also because its sensors assess all sorts of personal data about you: How you sleep; How you walk; Where you go; How healthy you are; The state of your heart; If you fall; Who you call.”

“And more, but you get the drift,” Evans writes. “You see, more than an iPhone, Apple Watch has one purpose, which is to work with you, learn about you, share that data with your iPhone Health app (and your doctor, if you like) and to do all of this as privately as possible.”

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

“More than iPhone, Apple Watch will become part of your personality. A willing pattern matching companion to help you with your life. Knowing me. Knowing you,” Evans writes. “This is of big significance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you still don’t have an Apple Watch, do yourself a favor: Get one today, preferably a Series 4 to future-proof yourself as much as possible. You can thank us later.

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  1. And no one even remotely sees a downside to all this? Really?

    People are going apeshit over what misuse those in authority might do with unrestricted access to their iPhones… and yet the intimate details of their lives that an Apple watch carries with it appears to have no possible negative consequences.

    1. if it was a 19 dollar device being made by huawei i would be concerned but since we are not the product in apples ecosystem i am not that concerned. Please list the apple watch hacks you have heard about to date? how about the apple pay hacks you have heard about? How about the health app hacks you have heard about? ok so we are at a total of 0 and that should answer your question. I am not saying it is not possible as almost anything is hackable if you put enough resources into it but when you do and lets say you get 10000 peoples info which are saved by a user token not your name or anything like that… apple will put out a patch a week later and then the hackers can pour millions more into it trying to find a new way in. Apple is so far ahead of the industry in securing their hardware and platforms everyone else pales in comparison

        1. correct they send you to google but if you use safari it does not allow google to attach pass through cookies to your browsing making it much harder for them to gather useable information about a person. No to mention you have the option to block this all together. Not that it matters but compared to android which the majority of which ships with spyware and adware meshed into the os and preloaded apps at least apple tries to protect its users as opposed to making money off their users by selling their data

          1. A) You need to know that they are sending you

            B) You need to know how to change it.

            Grandma might not know these two things and in either case doesn’t address the propaganda which I was rebutting.

  2. “Hi. This is your AppleWatch. I saw you order that yummy fried egg and ham muffin and hash brown for breakfast, and I’m watching your heartbeat here, and well… I canceled the order. How about we have a nice pint of beet juice this morning instead?

    In fact, I just placed an order on Amazon for a shiny new Bullet blender and instacart will be delivering your spinach, broccoli, raw garlic, raw almonds, strawberries, bananas, and beet juice, and protein superfood powder for the blender within 2 hours. The blender will be here in 14 minutes dropped off by Amazon. Don’t worry, I used that money you hide on that rechargeable Amex you keep for emergencies.

    NO! NO! This isn’t an emergency yet, but well let’s just say it could be in the not too distant future if you keep ordering those fried egg sandwiches for breakfast. The scrambled eggs for your dog were a nice touch though. You can walk him after your power drink!

    We good?

    P.S. If you keep this up for a year, I can get your health insurance costs lowered by about 2% or more if you lose the weight I expect you to lose, and have you seen the Asian chick who moved in next door? She’s having some problems with her Mac and I can… hello? Why is it suddenly so dark? I can’t hear you! I can’t sense your heartbeat! Where am I????”

  3. There is a pendant advertised on TV that one wears and can access help if a medical emergency arises. It will also detect a fall. All this for only $30/mo. or $360/ year. I bought a Watch Vers 4 for just a little more and it does the same plus a whole lot more! This is a fantastic deal for seniors! I had a version2 that was good but the 4 is so much snappier, easier to read and has the fall app plus upcoming ECG ap.

  4. What a bizarro/futuristic conclusion. No. I really do not need a gadget to give me identity; I know who I am.

    The article calls into question the author’s psychological state, or maybe he wants to be a trans-human, you know, a machine, an android, as the highest ideal for a human to strive toward. One of my otherwise intelligent friends thinks this way. And I do not want, must, nor need a chip implanted either.

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