“We’ve seen quite a revolution in health and fitness tracking over the past few years, with the Apple Watch playing a key role in that,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “”

“One thing I’ve never bothered with is sleep-tracking,” Lovejoy writes. “But as someone who has recently upgraded from the Apple Watch Series 3 to the Series 4, and for a while had two watches in the apartment, I noted Zac’s recent piece about this. Coincidentally, I was also sent a smart-pillow to test, which also claimed to do automatic sleep-tracking, so I tested that against Autosleep on my Apple Watch Series 3 for a few days.”

“I wore my Watch at night, then, when I woke, I took it off and put it on charge until I went to the office, typically about 45 mins after waking. I did that for four nights and found that, actually, that was enough to have the Watch comfortably make it through the whole day as well,” Lovejoy writes. “Sure, it can struggle when making a long-haul flight, when a day can be 20 hours or more, but for everyday (and night) use, the Apple Watch battery is right where I need it to be. A reader has confirmed the same is true for him on the Series 3.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch 4 seems to be better than Apple Watch 3 was for battery life, but either should do the all-day wear plus sleep-tracking trick – provided you set aside that 45-minute block of charging at some point the next morning.