Beleaguered Fitbit falls further behind Apple in wearables

“Having lost the title of top wearables maker to Apple last year, Fitbit’s decline is now accelerating and will only get worse from here,” Rich Duprey writes for The Motley Fool. “According to IDC’s latest market share figures, Apple’s share grew to 17% in the second quarter from 13% last year, while Fitbit’s fell from 12.8% to 9.5%.”

“This was the quarter in which Fitbit launched its Versa smartwatch as the wearables maker seeks to pivot from simple trackers to more advanced devices,” Duprey writes, “and the drop in market share could get worse as Apple just announced its latest Apple Watch, which seeks to capture the same consumers looking for ways to better monitor their health.”

“Apple is, of course, the smartwatch market leader and in the second quarter shipped 4.7 million units, IDC’s data show, a 38% increase from the year-ago period and 75% more than the total number of units shipped by Fitbit in the period,” Duprey writes. “And with the Apple Watch 4 dropping in a few days, the gap is going to widen further.”

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  1. At least Fitbit wasn’t dumb enough to make the Versa round. The industry should be smart enough to know that if Jony Ive doesn’t think smartwatches should be round, it’s for a very good reason.

  2. This is supposed to be good news? Satisfying news? No to both.
    I don’t begrudge Fitbit at all – and I don’t get any satisfaction in its decline – like I do Samsung, Qualcomm, and MS and a plethora of brazen copyists and thieves of Apple products. Of the latter three offenders, I reserve my schadenfreude for Qualcomm’s predicament.

    1. Unlike the copyists you mentioned who ripped off the iPhone, Fitbit was actually first to the market. What Apple did was create such seamless integration with the iPhone and allow for independent app development so that your Apple Watch became much more than just a fitness tracker, but a whole ecosystem. That’s why Fitbit started building in a whole bunch more functionality into its watches.

      *still has a Fitbit instead of an Apple Watch*

  3. I use their app to log food and a 3rd party app that kind of syncs my Apple Watch, but it has issues. Fitbit should start a subscription service for the Apple Watch instead of just blocking it. Either that or Apple should buy Fitbit to get access to its app as the Health app doesn’t do meals.

  4. The Apple Watch Series 4 is superior to the various Fitbit offerings in most respects but they do not track sleep. I have a Fitbit and that is one of the features I like best. It would seem that they could add this feature in software without adding sensors. They should do it.

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